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  • Accreditation In Healthcare

    ating budget for an area of responsibility in a healthcare organization. Prepare a capital budget and determine what reduction would be acceptable to present to the leadership team if a reduction in the operating budget was requested. Accreditation The government and accrediting bodies have rules and regulations in place to protect the patients. There are rules and regulations that have been put in place for all providers when applying for privileges at a hospital. The reason…

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  • APN Professional Development Plan

    al., 2015, p. 51). Licensure involves achieving and maintaining national certification as a Nurse Practitioner from American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). The South Carolina state board of nursing provides licensure for qualified registered nurses to work as advanced practice registered nurses. South Carolina is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact. The Compact offers practice privileges for registered nurses in all compact states. South Carolina practice and licensure law restricts…

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  • Analyze The Role Of A Nurse Manager

    Our work life was about to change The management of our hospital had concerns that the director of the in-house agency was not compliant with the hospitals policies, and wasn’t prepared for our next state inspection. The director was not a nurse but a finance person. The facility management hired DS to assure that our staffing records were in order. DS was a manager who came to the staffing office I worked at to insure our in-house agency was correctly maintaining our staff records, and to teach…

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  • My Strengths And Limitations

    After graduating, I plan to complete the 3000 hours requirement within 3 years. Exam required: National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification Study Plan: I will fulfill the learning requirement of NCE through the two-year graduate study. In the second semester of my second year, I will review all the required learning materials and get prepared for the examination…

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  • Donabedian Model Of Quality Analysis

    • State licensure in general is not related directly to the quality of care actually delivered by health care facility. • It highlights physical plant compliance with building codes fire safety climate control space allocations sanitation (Rooney, 1999). • Licensure is managed by state well-being departments. Certification: • Certification is usually defined as the process with the help…

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  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: A Case Study

    e., Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, most states, i.e., Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, do not. Full practice authority means that nurse practitioners (NPs) are required by their licensing state to meet educational and practice requirements for licensure, maintain national certification, and are held accountable to the public and state boards of nursing to maintain standards of care and professional conduct (AANP, 2014). Only about one-third of the United States has adopted full practice…

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  • Full Practice Authority In Nursing

    supervision or management by an outside health discipline, such as a physician, in order for APRNs to provide care. Full practice authority is when state and licensure law allows for the APRN to assess, diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic testing, initiate and manage treatments (which includes prescriptive authority) under the licensure authority of the state board of nursing. Full practice authority is the model recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Council of…

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  • Didactic Program

    Licensure varies from states and it does not have the same requirements for every state. Some states don’t even need a licensure to give nutritional guidance. Forty-Six states have enacted that practicing dietitians must have a license. Arizona, Colorado, and New Jersey do not require a license to practice. A licensure is important because it regulates that only licensed professionals can offer nutritional counseling…

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  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    Gina Green, PhD. is a prominent researcher in the area of applied behavior analysis (ABA). She received her doctoral degree in Psychology in 1986 from Utah State University. She is currently practicing and currently holds or has held significant positions for many groups, including being the President of ABAI. Most of the research I have read or have read about focuses on young children with autism. Dr. Green has written many articles and performed research in the area of stimulus equivalence…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Professional Liability Insurance

    In all 50 states, it is a requirement for medical professionals such as APNs to carry liability insurance. This requirement is linked your licensure and approval is not granted without proof of coverage and attestation of the intent to remain insured (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Serives, 2014) (State of Connecticut, 2014). In all situations, the best offense is a prepared defense…

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