Law enforcement and society

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  • Claudine's Role In Social Work

    findings of research Taking Positive Steps resettlement programme will embrace an inter-generational, multiracial and multi-faith approach in providing advocacy and support, in order to assist young people to become productive and valuable members of society and to also develop their self-esteem. Claudine also Specialises in the following: Project design and development, Client case…

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  • Police Race

    In order to effectively answer the question “What is police brutality?” we must first answer the question “What is the role and purpose of police officers?” Police play a vital role in the law enforcement system. They patrol the community, keep a watchful eye out for any criminal activity, hand out tickets, and respond the 911 calls. Police are taught to “Protect and serve”. Police protect citizens by making arrest to discourage any reckless or potentially dangerous behavior and they serve by…

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  • Joshua Dun-Personal Narrative

    Joshua Dun throws his arm lazily around aTyler's shoulder as they walk down the crowded street. People walk past stepping in puddles left over from the slight drizzle of rain that had fallen about a hour ago. The clouds were covering the sky like a dark grey veil, almost black.You may know Josh and Tyler as the 2 person band, Twenty One Pilots. Tyler and Josh are a group of cops that only work on, "special cases". The one were working on now is pretty violent. As we approach the scene there…

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  • Speed Limit Analysis

    Sr. Shene Monroe was on his way to school coming down Riley when he was pulled over by a cop. The cop walks up to Monroe and when he rolls down the window he asks the words every driver fears: “Do you know how fast you were going, son?” Monroe responds saying he is pretty sure he was going 55, the speed limit. “Yes, that's what I clocked you at. But that’s not the speed limit.” That’s when Monroe was informed that all the speed limits in Holland have been reduced to a maximum of 40 mph. Lucky…

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  • The Importance Of Solvability Factors In Policing

    According to An Introduction to Policing textbook, solvability factors are, “factors considered in determining whether or not a case should be assigned for a follow-up investigation” (Dempsey & Forst, 2016, p.304). With this in mind, solvability factors aid whether or not there is a chance that the case can be solved, and help push the investigation to a fair conclusion (Engeling, 2013). Solvability factors usually come in the form of questions during the screening process. Some common…

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  • Graham V. Connor Case Study

    example, capture, passage to serve a warrant or make a capture, and detainment. Freeman v. Gut, 483 F.3d 404 (fifth Cir. 2007).The 1989 case of Graham v. Connor is a exemplar of how the activities of one officer can begin a procedure that utilizes the law. Utilizing the Graham standard, an officer must apply unavoidably suitable levels of force, in view of the exceptional conditions of each case. The officer's drive ought to be connected in a similar fundamental manner that a "objectively…

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  • Define Community Oriented Policing

    • According to multiple sources, there is not one clear cut definition or explanation of the term community-oriented policing. To quote John L. Worrall, community oriented policing is “a new philosophy of policing, based on the concept that police officers and citizens work together in creative ways can help solve contemporary community problems related to crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay.” • Community- oriented policing is conceptualized as a policing…

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  • Styles Of Policing: A Case Study

    Haley, 2014). First, Legalistic style is when the police department takes pride of how many arrests are made. The more arrests that are made the less crime that will be committed. They threatened the community with jail time so they can comply with the law. You will notice this style in larger metropolitan areas. Secondly, Watchman Style is using other forms of discipline and communication to solve problems rather than arrest. Arrest then used when those forms fail or the citizens refuse to…

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  • Cooper Law Firm

    The Upside to Car Accident Lawyers You Can Trust – Car Accident Lawyers Cooper Law Firm At Cooper Law Firm, the rights of people who have suffered serious injury from car accident are protected. This varies from Auto crashes to pedestrian crosswalk injuries, and the sufferers are helped by full recovery from the volunteers from Cooper Law Firm. Why Cooper Law? Cooper law serves the client with utmost respect. They dedicate to the welfare of people. They specialize in personal injury…

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  • Strategic Planning Research Paper

    Introduction Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “We must plan for the future because people who stay in the present will remain in the past (Garner, 2005).” It would seem that Lincoln’s words are wise counsel for law enforcement leaders still today. Some law enforcement agencies continue to operate under the outdated professional model of policing that is reactive in nature and based on fast response times, effective investigations, and high visibility patrol, with little focus on…

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