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  • Criminal Minds And The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)

    For this journal entry I chose to review the television show, Criminal Minds viewed on 4/11/16. The show, Criminal Minds is based on a team of FBI Profilers who analyzes the un-sub (perpetrator) criminal minds and tries to anticipate the perpetrator’s next move in hopes of apprehending them. Most cases involve a serial killer. In this episode, the Behavioral Analysis Unit, (BAU), is called in to investigate when three people have been murdered in two separate incidents in Los Angeles…

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  • Character Analysis: Blue Blood

    In the show Blue blood one of the main characters works in the district attorney office in New York City and her name is Erin Reagan. In this episode the case she is working on is about Lenny a mob boss that she knows had been linked to many crimes. As a district attorney it is her job to put criminals in jail but she cannot put Lenny in jail because she cannot get enough evidence against him. She finds a 15 year old cold case about a drug dealer named Mr. Green that she thinks Lenny is somehow…

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  • The Broken Window Theory In Crime And Deviance

    I found this week's readings in Crime and Deviance interesting especially the broken window theory. How one broken window on a building invites more broken windows then as a result of the building looking run down it brings the neighborhood down and people start moving away. The broken window theory requires for police to crack down on crime and even punish the smallest crimes such as sitting on milk crates on the sidewalk or dodging subway fare. It was kind of disappointing to see that they…

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  • Police Surveillance Paper

    In recent history, tragedies like the bombings that occurred in Oklahoma City and the Boston Marathon have improved the receptiveness of the public opinion regarding surveillance. The California Research Bureau (CRB) report investigating CCTV use quotes a leading security spokesperson , “…years ago shoppers objected to electronic eyes recording their moves, today it’s not only accepted, its preferred”. (Nieto 1997) This CRB report outlines the contributions by police surveillance in listed U.S.…

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  • Police Corruption In The United States

    The role of this research was to establish a thorough understanding of police corruption. This is different than the literature review in that we want the public opinion on police corruption. The most effective way to find out about the opinions on police corruption was a combination of surveying and interviewing different persons. In addition to surveys and interviews, I used previous research that has been completed, that was found on ICPSR. In order to successfully do this a survey was…

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  • Media Portrayal Of Cops

    Summary There have been many stories in the news that have involved the cops. Most of them have portray cops in a negative light. Stories such as them allegedly murdering people or them link to corruption. This not just in the news, but also in movies and TV shows such as Training Day , which is a popular movie and more. These stories give the public their image of the police and to most people cause them not to trust the police because they believe they are not doing their job. When they are…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trends In Policing

    education, negotiation, and conflict management (Schmalleger, 2015). Police officers identify problems throughout the scanning stage. Then they will collect and analyze information during the analysis stage. This is done by working with other law enforcement agencies and the community. Once the analysis phase is complete producing solutions and developing implementation protocols is completed in the response stage. The assessment phase involves evaluating the effectiveness of the response. “The…

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  • The Importance Of Campus Security

    Security is very important when it comes to college campuses. Keeping students safe should be at the top of the priority list for colleges. When parents choose a college for their child one of the biggest factors that influences their decision is how effective the security is on campus. Parents expect their child to be safe at college, but we sometimes have to question how effective is the security on campus? The University of South Alabama should provide more security because it would increase…

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  • The Devil In The White City Book Report

    The Devil in the White City 11-27-17 Zachary S. Johnson I will be writing a summary over the book "The Devil in the White City", this book is very interesting because in my opinion it shaped how people think in modern day times. Before this people didn’t look over their shoulder while walking down the street, but now everyone does. In the summary I will be telling you why people look over their shoulder while walking down the street. This novel takes place from 1890-1895, the two architects…

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  • Response Memo

    officers disproportionately target black and hispanic males (Bergner 2014). The sweeping majority of the stops (88%) result in no arrest or confiscation of contraband, proving that the “potential criminals” identified by police are more often than not law-abiding citizens (Bergner 2014). While the practice of stop and frisk was deemed unconstitutional in New York, it is still carried out, but with less frequency (Bergner…

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