Law enforcement and society

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  • Police Discretion

    appropriate and realistic solution within situations. Reiner further supports this argument by highlighting that the laws cannot be mechanistically applied to every enforcement decision (Reiner, 2011). Focusing on the fact that the law needs to be subjectively interpreted. The British Crime Survey further supports this fact. It shows that police discretion is desirable as it ensures that the law is not applied heavy handily (Office for national statistics, 2015). It is important that the…

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  • The Rules And Rules In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    These rules are put in place to protect the city’s citizens. One of these rules is that the members of the society follow a schedule. Although this may seem restrictive it protects the citizens from harm. It helps the city work efficiently with a constant structure. The city thrives off of uniformity and in a since, equality. Everybody has a job to do and if everyone…

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  • Policing Literature Review

    ______________________________________________________________________________ Literature Review Article by Jose Docobo stresses the importance of community policing and deems that it can be the primary prevention strategy for homeland security at a local law enforcement level by implementing the use of community-oriented policing resources and practices that can effectively be applied to terrorism. These strategies includes crime mapping with GIS system, data collection and analysis protocols,…

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  • Hot Spot Policing Analysis

    narcotics (Drew & Prenzler 2015). The project provided a recording system that recorded information related to purchases of the medication (Drew & Prenzler 2015). The results of the project were successful, resulting in participation to drug law enforcement and effective tracking of pseudoephedrine purchases resulting in crime prevention (Drew & Prenzler 2015). Whilst third party policing is highly beneficial in crime prevention, investigations are one of the most important elements involved in…

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  • Importance Of Campus Safety Essay

    department has primary responsibility for crime prevention, law enforcement, parking control, emergency preparedness/response, and security at special events. In the eyes of many universities that is not enough for campus safety. Over the last 10 years, public safety officials employed by the university have been growing at an astonishing rate. The Bureau of Justice Statistics report in January of 2015 stated that “full-time campus law enforcement employees grew by 16%, which outpaced the 11%…

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  • Police Officer Requirements

    department has its own rules for police officer requirements. It’s always a good idea to ask the department that’s caught your interest in joining for their basic educational or college course requirements. USCCR validates this by saying, “Law enforcement agencies should encourage all new police recruits to have a college degree. They should also build closer ties with local colleges and universities to recruit cadets, provide career guidance, and utilize faculty in their training programs.…

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  • Robert Peace Character Analysis

    frivolous. Robert experienced prejudice and discrimination along racial and class lines. The entitled students treated him as a worker rather than a student of their own level. Consequently, in order to make ends meet as well as to intermix with his new society, he decides to sell marijuana at Yale. He states, “These were four hours every day during which we were completely checked out from the campus...People called it the Weed Shack”(145). Robert becomes a drug dealer at Yale, partly to make…

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  • Police Constable Essay

    • Police constable – these are the police officers which will turn up to 999 calls, they will investigate volume crime or they can take initial action at critical incidents. The police constables can also work on neighbourhood teams, this is to help target long-term problems within the community. Police constables are more than likely to assist with MHA processes, these are like assessments on private premises; investigating crimes against NHS staff by any patients. The police constables can…

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  • Police Discretion And Police Violation

    Police officers carry a huge responsibility for their communities, the power and authority to keep the peace. Citizens of the community rely on police officers to behave appropriately, using the highest levels of morals and ethics. When an officer behaves unethically or abuses or misuses the power and authority given to them, it is considered police misconduct or corruption. Police misconduct and corruption can be committed in a variety of ways. Actions including violating policies or…

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  • West Alabama Narcotics Task Force

    offenses, said that “There 's no distinction between arresting a drug lord or arresting a college student who has a couple of joints. An arrest is an arrest and there 's no question that it 's important for law enforcement, in order to maintain funding or increase the level of funding for drug enforcement” (Sheets). To make matters worse for the Tuscaloosa Police Department, Jeff Snyder, the head of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force, was federally indicted for stealing $125,000 in assets…

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