Law enforcement and society

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  • Ethics: Ethics Inside Law Enforcement Agencies

    Ethics Inside Law Enforcement Agencies There has been conflict with agencies and communities when it comes to ethics of their officers. Utilitarianism and deontology have shown to impact the law enforcement tremendously. When it comes to the decision-making process, Conway and Gawronski have conducted several studies to determine inclinations of morals in human beings (Conway & Gawronski, 2013). Psychology is an important part of the ethics thinking of individuals. Not everyone is made to think…

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  • Community Policing Research Paper

    Abstract Community policing is a tool widely used in law enforcement today to create personal relationships with members of the community and law enforcement (Taking 1990). Law enforcement today is under strict scrutiny from the public. Many citizens have negative views of the police or have issues trusting them. In recent years following several questionable officer involved shootings, the relationship with the public and law enforcement has taken a drastic negative turn. Police departments…

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  • Three Main Eras Of Policing In Today's Society

    Today’s society has changed a lot over the years. Policing has defiantly been and will most likely continue to be a challenge. There are three main eras of policing including: The Political Era, The Reform Era, and The Community Era. I will only talk about two of them being The Political Era, and The Community Era. In this essay I will be including their strengths and weaknesses of the two. I will also be mentioning how some of the issues law enforcements have impacted society today. During…

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  • Community Policing Research

    nothing but beneficial for law enforcement. In an article written by Ron Sloan, Robert Trojanowicz and Bonnie Bucqueriux they state, “It is no surprise that as times are changing that Community Policing has become how police departments are judged. Community Policing has set a new standard for how things should be done and a set of guidelines that should be followed. How law enforcement is run internally is where the problem is occurring. To keep up with the demands of society the way things…

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  • Police Officer Qualities

    characteristics of an ideal police officer are identified by Larry Capps retired police chief. Police officers should have a sense of ethnics, they must attempt to do the right thing. Officers must understand and respect the law and treat citizens with respect. Law enforcement officers should like to interact with people and wish to help them, also communicating properly. In chapter 8 page 177 in the textbook “Police in American” section Organizational Culture. The police personality should be…

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  • Community Policing Report

    that are assigned to the area, familiar with the people who live there. Community policing is not new as a result of current events. Community policing was first tested by local law enforcement agencies in the 1980’s. Law enforcement agencies have been steadfast in their attempt to find a better way to approach society. COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) was created in 1994 (“Introduction to Community Policing…,” 2016) in an attempt to find solutions…

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  • Importance Of Police Essay

    of peace and enforcement of law and order in the society. The fundamental duty of the police is to serve mankind and to safeguard the lives and property. The police has to protect the weak from oppression or intimidation. The word ‘police’ is derived from the Greek word politeia or its latin equivalent politia. The term politeia stands for the ‘state’ or ‘administration’. In present context the term ‘police’ connotes a body of civil servants whose primary duties are to preserve law and order, to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Police Should Wear Cameras

    In a civil society, police play a pivotal role in maintaining stability in terms of protecting public property and human security. However, unfortunately, some accidents have occurred in which police officers have been slandered. In January of 2014, three African-American males were mistakenly shot dead by a NYPD cop in the streets. Since these types of accidents happen quite regularly and are also reported on in the media,consequently, the reputation of the law enforcement police has become…

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  • Police Culture Essay

    question of what circumstances are seen as a potential threat. To gain an in-depth understanding of this concept, it is important to take a look at the connection between police officers and the civil public. When promoted to the position of a law enforcement officer, it is essential to note that their work requires the recurrent potential for vehemence, and perceptual shorthand of the assailants of the alleged cases. Policing has been swiftly shifting and developing in significance. The…

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  • Data Analysis In Criminal Justice

    collect and analyze information that is pertaining to the subject (Research, Statistics & Evaluation, n.d.). In today’s society, law enforcement agencies are relying more on research in order to help their difficult cases. Evidence is the key on solving difficult cases, but researching more about the cases takes time and patient. Research in the criminal justice can provides law enforcement officers the knowledge and tools to reduce crime and promote justice in their community. For example,…

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