Last Year at Marienbad

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  • Last Year In Marienbad Analysis

    The mind is such a complex and convoluted part of the human body. Our memory and the way we perceive and interpret things is a concept that is truly fascinating to me. In the 1961 French film “Last year in Marienbad” the complexity of the human mentality is tested both within in the film itself with the main characters but also outside it with the viewers themselves. A majority of the film takes place in a hotel and focuses on an unnamed woman who is approached by an unnamed man who claims that they 've met before just a year ago. He spends the entirety of the film attempting to convince and remind her of their past with little success. It’s fascinating because even now as I attempt to describe the film I find myself second guessing what can…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of School

    and get ready for it. Now school is not that bad, but the first day is one of my least favorite days of the year, I dislike the introductions, the explanations of the classes that you will be stuck with, and the little games that teachers make us play. It makes me feel like a child again and the first day just feels so vile because I know that it is leading to a year’s worth of school. After I finished getting ready for school, I reluctantly get into my car and start driving to school. I was a…

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  • Language And Film Analysis

    Multiple languages means multiple forms of expression. In this day in age where literature competes so closely with other forms of entertainment like film and video games it is almost imperative that literature do all it can to stimulate people fully. I am reminded of the Ted Berrigan letter to Sandy where he describes his experience watching the french film “Last year at Marienbad”. In this letter he recounts his extremely positive experience with the foreign film to his wife. He writes “The…

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