Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of School

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The first day of school is something that is dreaded by most, it is the end of the wonderful time we call summer, it starts months and months of stress and pain, and it means getting up at six every weekday, with about four to six hours of sleep. Once you finally realize that you cannot escape the impending doom that is upon you, it is time to get up and get ready for it. Now school is not that bad, but the first day is one of my least favorite days of the year, I dislike the introductions, the explanations of the classes that you will be stuck with, and the little games that teachers make us play. It makes me feel like a child again and the first day just feels so vile because I know that it is leading to a year’s worth of school. After I finished getting ready for school, I reluctantly get into my car and start driving to school. I was a bit concerned about the roads because …show more content…
Eventually, the bell rang everyone was eager to leave so it was very crazy. I waited for a bit to go and get in my car because I knew that it would be very hectic, so I just talked to some people who I had not seen in since our freshman year. When all of my friends were starting to leave, I decided to leave too. I found my car and sat in traffic in the parking lot for probably ten to fifteen minutes, it was insane. Once I finally made my way out of the parking lot and onto the main roads, I was free, my school day was over and the weekend was just beginning. I made it home at around three thirty and unpacked my backpack for the day, worked on a bit of homework then relaxed. I tried to think whether or not I would like this year, but I came to the conclusion that I could not tell from only one day. The only thing that I did know is that this year would not be easy, it was going to challenge me and push me to be the best I can

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