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  • John Stuart Mill Idi Amin Moral

    When analyzing a historical or fictional figure, it is important to develop a scale or benchmark by which individuals can be judged. When the scale by which a character is being evaluated is based on morality, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop because morality is not universally accepted or an eternal concept. Since morality is continually evolving, it is important to evaluate the character based on the most universally accepted concept of morality of their time. In this essay, Idi Amin, the third president of Uganda, will be evaluated based on the morality of his actions as a leader of Uganda. In order to develop a valid basis for evaluation, the school of thought developed by John Stuart Mill, a prominent English philosopher of the 19th century, will be used. Mill wrote many famous works that are still influential to this day; his most famous work, Utilitarianism, is where the concept of morality is being derived from for this evaluation. Since Idi Amin is being evaluated by how he used his political and military power, a quote by Mill about the use of power was chosen to evaluate Amin. The quote by John Stuart Mills as a basis for the evaluation of Amin is as follows, “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant.” It can be seen based on this quote that Idi Amin stands on the wrong side of…

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  • FXB Uganda Case Study

    allow me to express our interest of partnering with you in the NEW project “SHAPE”. However, I request you read the following brief background, how and what we do for the young people of Kampala and Wakiso districts, a justification for our expression of interest to partner with you. About FXB Uganda Established in Uganda in 1990 and currently registered as a local Ugandan NGO, Reg No 8179. FXB Uganda has over 24 years of experience working with children in vulnerable households in six districts…

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  • Analysis Of The Silent Killer: Rethinking Safety On Boda Bodas

    a boda boda rider along Northern bypass shared his view, before starting on the mile journey from his work-station- what he termed as a house job. “It scares me constantly, but I’m willing to trade that (fear) to earn a living.” He said. “Kampala Central is the motorcycling capital of Uganda,” said Dr. Stephen Kasiima, Head of the Directorate of traffic and Road Safety. “It’s because there are more people-who find it easier to beat the traffic jam during the rush hours than anywhere else . . .…

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  • Uganda Research Paper

    Home country and town I was born on a sunny day in a dry season of 1993 in Mulago Hospital in Kampala a city with many hills covered with many trees and swamps in hill slopes. Kampala is in southern part of Uganda bordering the Africa’s largest “Lake Victoria.” Uganda is agricultural land locked country found in East Africa bordered by Kenya in east, South Sudan in north, Democratic Republic of Congo in west, Rwanda in south west and Tanzania in South. It is the country with the largest number…

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  • Hope In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men And War Dance

    traumatic experiences. He was separated from his brother and mother the night of his capture and never saw him again. (G). Despite the amount of pain he has suffered in his life, his main focus is going to Kampala and winning it all for the Acholi tribe. In the article “Children Of War In Uganda”, Morrison and Sandler write “We soon saw just how hard it would be for any child to escape the rebels in these rugged badlands” (Morrison and Sandler, 3). (H) The hope that Dominic had held onto is…

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  • Project Loon Essay

    places of work especially hospitals because images and files can be transmitted easily and quickly for treatments. According to Timothy Musoke, CTO of Laboremus, the project is “bringing data cost savings that allow us to invest further in product development, which is core to our business” (1). Google parent company, Alphabet Inc., has a research lab division called Google X. This is the division that started the process. In 2013, X started testing balloons around the world. They partnered…

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  • Mary Ainsworth Research Paper

    study of interactions between individuals that have certain roles in society (i.e mother and child). She studied at University of Toronto in the physiology honours program. She received her BA in 1935, MA in 1936 and her PhD in 1939. She taught at the University of Toronto for many years until 1942 when she joined the Canadian Women's Army Corp. In 1950, Mary moved to London, England with her husband so he could pursue his degree from the University College London. She was invited to work…

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  • Importance Of Global Warming Essay

    the Sahara (located along the Tropic of Cancer), the Namib and the Kalahari (located along the Tropic of Capricorn). (Source – www.pixabay.com) Over the past two decades, the continent has been plagued by increasingly severe droughts. The Sahara is slowly creeping south into the Sahel zone. Between 2002 and 2006, several major droughts affected most of the African countries. The countries that were particularly hard hit included, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan Namibia, Botswana and Angola.…

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  • Conflict In Uganda Essay

    Marxism emphasizes that “the elite’s status and resources depends upon the disempowerment of the many” (Richmond 120). A majority of Ugandan society gains no tangible benefit from discriminating against gays. Despite most of society being held back by the lack of information and resources on LGBT issues, an elite few are profiting. The church leaders, in particular, make a lot of money. Pastor Kayanja, the senior pastor of Miracle Centre Cathedral is one of the top five wealthiest people in…

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  • Al-Shabaab Research Paper

    be and started their own islamic terrorist group. Their leaders as of now are Ahmad Umar and Ahmed Abdi Godane. Al-Shabaab also became partners with Al-Qaeda, and they have been working together ever since. Al-Shabaab carries out a lot of attacks each year and are still fighting in hope to lead Somalia again one day. Al-Shabaab has been blamed for attacks in Somalia that have killed international aid workers, journalists, civilian leaders and African Union peacekeepers. Al-Shabaab does multiple…

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