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  • Kanban System: The Computer Control Numeric Department

    required areas. The Computer Control Numeric department (CNC) had an ergonomic issue of employees constantly bending over and placing parts into the cart which was a safety issue. After the assessment of the area, the team came up with the idea of placing an air controlled lift jack underneath the cart which will raise the cart to a safe and comfortable level for the employee to perform their job without bending over. This implementation was successful by reducing the number from 30 points to below 10 points which is green on the safety scale. Kanban System In the Surface Processing department, Racor implemented heavily on the Kanban system to improve service and work flow by reducing waste and improving on customer satisfaction by reducing…

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  • Lockheed Martin's F-35 Production Line

    The introduction and implementation of a Just-In-Time (JIT) approach to this production line would be ideal to reduce lead time, minimize inventory on floor and optimize storage area. In particular, adopting a Kanban (card) system would establish lean manufacturing principles that would help streamline the entire process. There is a current card system that is used throughout the production line to monitor the work and parts applied to the aircraft. However, it is difficult in this production…

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  • Strategies That Drives The Choice Of The Shop Floor System Case Study

    today, shown in the order they were received: Job Processing Time (hrs) Due (hrs from now) ————————————————————————————————- W 4 4 X 3 5 Y 2 2 Z 1 1 If he uses the first-come, first-served (FCFS) priority rule to schedule these jobs, what will be the average completion time? 7.5 hours 5 hours 3 hours 2.5 hours 2 hours 5. The ultimate goal of JIT operations is to have no in-process inventories. cross-trained workers capable of handling every process. a smooth, rapid flow of…

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  • Written Assignment

    "Today's kanban research is the modern equivalent of yesterday's economic order quantity research." Do you agree? Explain your answer. 2. There is considerable evidence that getting the correct operating conditions is more important than the choice between MRP, kanban, or reorder point methods in the MPC system. How general do you believe this situation to be? 9. (TCO 6) Market requirements drive the choice of the shop floor system approach. Describe and explain the type of market…

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  • Heijunka Analysis

    Process Description of Heijunka Introduction Heijunka is a tool used in lean manufacturing which focuses on eliminating waste without losing productivity through a manufacturing technique that relies on leveling production. Popularized by Toyota, lean manufacturing is often seen as an alternative and more effective manufacturing process than mass production that is commonly used in America (Friddle n.d.). Whereas mass production relies on production in large batches to obtain the lowest cost…

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  • Toyota Total Quality Management Analysis

    1.0 Introduction Toyota’s system of lean production and techniques for eliminating errors such a poka-yoke, which is an exercise formulated to avoid mistakes that can result in defective products, are world-renowned examples of quality assurance. Interestingly, in most cases supply chain quality assurance was established as the major reason for product recall (Roth et al. 2008). Recent product recalls and disorders in supply chains are cautionary indicators that the level of quality management…

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  • Kanban System Case Study

    Kanban system and its role in JIT management Origin of Kanban Kanban is signboard or billboard in Japanese, an effective tool to manage the production system, Kanban was made from plastic or thick paper, it listed material code, production code, destination to be transport, origin issued code etc., representing the message of : when, what, quantity to produce, how to produce and transport. It was a concept borrowed and developed from Supermarket inventory management, the idea behind supermarket…

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  • Case Study Of IT Operations Version Of Kanban

    IT Operations version of Kanban You might have heard the term, you might read something about it but only few of you have experience in it. Kanban means ‘signboard’ in Japanese and stands for a management method where you use a board to visualise tasks and to get them processed by one or more teams. The Problem Even in Operations teams there is the constant search for merging the work stream and the planning. The biggest challenge within all operations teams is to tackle unplanned work while…

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  • Case Study: Adoption Of Agile Portfolio Management By Getty Image

    project prioritization as well as the generation of reports on the status of the projects (IDC, 2011). Were it not for the Kanban boards, the access of data relating to cross-projects would have been impossible. Question 3 Getty Image’s Project Management Office (PMO) changed its planning and prioritization methods through the Rally Portfolio Manager (RPM) through its Kanban boards. Before the application of the RPM, the PMO was concerned with the development of processes and tools for ADOPTION…

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  • Kanban's Effect In The Automotive Industry

    Today, Kanban is being used widely around the world. There are a lot of businesses apply Kanban in manufacturing production to promote improvement. Kanban can create great effect in automotive industry. However, the factor that make Kanban become one of the most worthy tool to use is that it can be utilized by any industry. From software houses to clothing manufacturers, as the underlying mechanism for managing the production chain can still be used. Zara can produce products continuously by…

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