Joint Special Operations Command

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  • Col Mundy: Leadership Case Study

    For exceptionally meritorious service to the government of the United States in a duty of great responsibility as the Chief of Staff for Marine Corps Combat Development Command from July 2013 to XXXX 2016. Col Mundy led a staff representing 18,000 personnel spread over several commands located across the county responsible for integrating Marine Corps concepts and requirements based warfighting capabilities; including doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education,…

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  • Joint Force Disadvantages

    along with national budgetary pressures, has caused U.S. strategic leaders to earnestly consider how the Joint Force 2025 must be rebalanced to meet these 21st century threats and to fully support our core U.S. interests of national security, a vibrant economy, universal values, and international order. Given the likely threats and the current fiscal environment, the general capabilities of Joint Force 2025 that are paramount to meeting the challenges…

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  • NCO Leadership Challenges

    Leadership Challenges of Combined Joint Forces SGM George K. Ott Operation Enduring Freedom, Provincial Reconstruction Team, Farah Afghanistan, 04/30/2008 38B, Civil Affairs Team NCOIC, 451st CA Bn. CJTF-82 Bagram 9 November 2015 Class 42 Abstract I was deployed in late 2006 to become a Civil Affairs soldier and lead a CA team as the NCOIC in Operation Enduring Freedom, within the first hundred days of arriving at forward operating base in Farah, Afghanistan; I was…

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  • Army Warrant Application Essay

    and deployed environments. This is best exemplified in my recent deployment with 1st Special Forces Group in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. As a Staff Sergeant, I served as the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Iraq (CJSOTF-I) Counterintelligence (CI) Coordinating Authority, which is doctrinally a Chief Warrant Officer Three billet. I established the foundation for future Special Operations Command Central…

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  • Recon Vs MARSOC Essay

    up is because I long debated which I will try for, a statement similar to reaching for the stars. If you don’t know what (Marine) Recon and MARSOC are that might not make sense so I’ll elaborate, the Recon and MARSOC are the some of the most elite special units in the Marine corps. They are effectively the best of the best. Recon The Marine recon is responsible for deep reconnaissance for behind enemy lines. In order to do so they are masters of wilderness survival. There second main…

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  • Eagle Claw Case Study

    The purpose of this paper to identify and analyze the historic failed mission of Operation: Eagle Claw. The mission failed due to the lack of communication and the lack of sharing knowledge between government agencies and military branches. Eagle Claw failed for a variety of reasons, both during the planning and later during the execution. Before entering Iran, each of the government agencies worked independently with little to no cohesion amongst them and the mission was kept secret from key…

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  • Effective Leadership In The Military

    these errors will translate to poorly written statements of work. Additionally, Contracting Officer Representatives must be fully trained in their duties and capable of managing conflicts, performance and changes in the mission. [31: US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Publication 4-10, Operational Contract Support. (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, July 2014), I-10 -…

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  • Case Study: Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Soto

    Machinegun Competition for Camp Pendleton California July to August 2001. LCpl Soto then deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) August 2001. December 2001 LCpl Soto was promoted to Corporal (Cpl). August 2002 Cpl Soto was assigned as the Company administration and training non-commissioned officer (NCO) for Wpns Co. Cpl Soto deployed in support of Iraq Freedom (OIF)/Operation Sweeney in October 2003, and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant October 2003. Sergeant (Sgt) Soto…

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  • Analysis Of The Doomsday Plane

    The Doomsday Plane The United States Air Force consists of an enormous fleet that includes all sorts of special use aircraft with broad mission capability. One of the most unique, and fear inspiring aircraft is the E-4B NAOC (National Airborne Operations Center) Nightwatch. These planes, four specially configured Boeing 747-200s, possess a unique and somewhat eerie job. It may not have impressive payload characteristics like the large bombers, or the advanced attack weaponry on nimble fighter…

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  • The Prison Raid

    The Prison Raid took place around the Vietnam Era. This Raid was an attempt to recover 61 American Prisoners of War. Colonel Author “Bull” Simmons was in charge of this operation. The members of this operation were handpicked from two Special Forces Groups, 6th and 7th group. There were over 500 volunteers for the mission, but they were all interviewed. 103 were selected but only 56 conducted the actual mission. Even though no American Prisoners of War were rescued during this mission, it was…

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