Joint Special Operations Command

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  • The Prison Raid

    The Prison Raid took place around the Vietnam Era. This Raid was an attempt to recover 61 American Prisoners of War. Colonel Author “Bull” Simmons was in charge of this operation. The members of this operation were handpicked from two Special Forces Groups, 6th and 7th group. There were over 500 volunteers for the mission, but they were all interviewed. 103 were selected but only 56 conducted the actual mission. Even though no American Prisoners of War were rescued during this mission, it was…

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  • Expeditionary Force 21 (Ef21)

    Expeditionary Force 21 (EF21) “provides guidance for how the Marine Corps Total Force – as an integral part of the lager naval and joint team – will be postured, organized, trained, and equipped to fulfill assigned public law and national policy responsibilities.” (Expeditionary Force 21 Capstone Concept p. 5). Expeditionary Force 21 is essentially the Marine Corps 10 year vision and action plan. According Week 1’s video presentation, EF21 seeks to: establish a forward presence of one-third of…

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  • Giulio Douhet: The Ideas Of The Theory Of Air Power

    devastating than the physical effect. Third, the offensive is stronger from the air war. Fourth, target acquisition, and bombing accuracy are manageable problems, night navigation. Finally, Air superiority is a prerequisite for all other military operations. Air exploitation Trenchard want to inflict damage in civilians but with an indirect attack thought the destruction…

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  • CID Special Agent Interview Report

    Smith, CID Special Agent On August 26, 2016 an interview was conducted with Special Agent David R. Smith, at his office located at the Redstone Criminal Investigations Command, Bldg. 3623, Gray Road, Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. Special Agent Smith provided the following information. David Smith joined the US Army in 1997 and spent his first 8 years in the military working Psychological Operations (PSYOP) as an Arabic linguist. He applied to and was selected to attend the CID Special Agent…

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  • General Shelton's Vulnerabilities

    encouraged those under his command to perform over the required goals and to continue finding ways to raise the bar. General Shelton also stood up to the Secretary of Defense when he was asked to deliberately place the lives of two Air Force personnel in danger when he asked General Shelton to purposely have them shot down in Iraq as a catalyst to start a war. General Shelton refused to implement such drastic and reckless decision and informed the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I…

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  • AOI Strategy Case Study

    additional Brigades, in support of surge operations, spanned over a five-month period, from January to May of 2007. The implementation of tour extensions took effect in order to facilitate a shared understanding between presently deployed Brigades and the influx of the allotted 28,000 additional U.S. troops. These additional troops would later support Operation Phantom Thunder, Operation Phantom Strike, and Operation Phantom Phoenix. Surge operations, commanded under the authority of…

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  • Drone Strikes

    a connection with a "militant" organization or under the United States policy of "signature" drone strikes is not legally appropriate to make someone a acceptable target for killing. Moreover, the United Nations ' Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism, Human Rights Chief, and Special Rapporteur on summary, arbitrary, or extrajudicial executions have all labeled US drone strikes as a violation of sovereignty, and have pressed for investigations into the legality of the…

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  • Military Training Report

    Effective training is critical to the success of the Army in today’s varied and complex operating environments. The modern approach of the United States has been to utilize a mixture of active component and reserve component units in military operations worldwide. The field of geospatial engineering and geospatial intelligence is an ever developing field, as Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and techniques are continuously improving due to significant advancements in the civilian sector.…

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  • Seapower Definition

    supremacy” through “presence offshore.” In the past, this concept has been termed “command of the sea” or “sea control.” Through sea control, the Navy protects the United States while also maintaining access to strategic areas and ensuring global freedom of action. Sea control is a central aspect of the concept of seapower. Understanding seapower is essential in order to understand contemporary naval operations. The ability to exercise sea control over requires the ability to mass effects…

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  • Military Expenditure Analysis

    They include areas such as training of the army, military needs funding, weapons operations cost and maintenance, payment of salaries, health care of the uniformed and civilian personnel. Other areas include maintenance of the arms, equipment and facilities, funds process and more importantly purchase on new material (Brzoska & Michael…

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