Joint Special Operations Command

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  • National Response Framework

    saving lives, assisting victims and communities, as well as protecting property and helping restore services and crucial infrastructure (PHE, 2015). There are fifteen ESF’s, which are annexed into the traditional function format of an emergency operation plan (EOP). The ESF format is used by he National Response Framework (NRF), that states that every federal department or agency must plan and prepare for its role in incident response. For this particular paper, the ESF that will be discussed…

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  • The Presidency History

    The Presidency is arguably the most fascinating, and complex element of the American political system; due in part to the constitutional ambiguity that surrounds the office. Often, the people, the President, and the Constitution all have varying expectations about the role and duties of the presidency. Which in turn are not always seated in the realm of what is actually possible. The Presidency, according to the Founders, could be best described as limited. For, it is Congress that was…

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  • The Korean War Analysis

    all combat and combat support roles during the Korean War and were involved in all major combat operations. By the end of the Korean War, more than 600,000 African Americans had served in the military (Clay, 1987). All black units played a huge role in the war, and one unit that was highly praised was the first, last, and only all black Ranger Company. Rangers are an elite light infantry Special Operations Company specialized in irregular…

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  • Terrorism Vs Cyber Terrorism

    agencies and corporations have tripled the hiring of cyber security experts, and the field is one of the fastest growing and in- demand areas of the global workforce. (UBLS) The U.S. military has created a specialized task force within U.S. Cyber Command, pulling personnel from all branches of…

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  • Operational Failure Essay

    ignore their counterinsurgency doctrine, striving to conduct major combat actions. A key contributor in Western failure has been the lack of integration of operations and intelligence in conventional forces. Intelligence is necessary to create knowledge that leads to the discovery of the enemy’s critical vulnerabilities. Integration of operations and intelligence ensures that knowledge is transferred so that critical vulnerabilities can be attacked and destroyed in…

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  • Airpower In Vietnam War Essay

    that matter only created growth of insurgency tendency. Finally, airpower does not solves problems permanently. Airpower deterrence is not enough to enforce other nation’s leader to do our will. That is why; use of airpower without cooperation and joint forces is a lack of time and…

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  • National Guard State Partnership Program (SPP)

    The National Guard State Partnership Program (SPP) stems from a 1992 Department of Defense (DOD) desire to create and expand military security cooperation efforts in Eastern European countries. Sensitive to Russian concerns that US Active Duty military cooperation activities would appear threating, the DOD established the National Guard State Partnership for Peace program. Starting in the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, this program paired US National Guard soldiers and…

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  • Julius General Karaki Case Study

    Indeed, Operation Sledge Hammer raised up General Karangi’s strategic credentials because this was not only his main ‘first’ but also the first air force officer to become the CDF. Moreover, his experience, strategic response and the results are the focal point of…

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  • My Duties And Responsibilities In Deployment

    of our career and more importantly our lives. Therefore, they were a key consideration in developing both my long term and short-term goals. My long-term goal is to achieve a senior logistician position in a Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) that support forward operations while simultaneously supporting large army formations at home station. One of my highest aspirations is to be a key individual in establishes, or significantly advancing a logistics system, such as Global Combat Support System…

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  • Military Deception: The Art Of War

    Military deception has been used throughout history to thwart the enemy during battle. The Art of War by Sun Tzu discusses strategies that emphasize the concept of deception as a critical war tactic. Military deception is considered a type of psychological warfare and employs many unconventional methods including visual deceptions and misinformation. Before and during the Invasion of Normandy in World War II, one of the largest deceptions in military history was executed. By using this…

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