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  • Edward Scissorhands Morals

    Everyday millions upon millions of people head out with friends, family, or their significant others to go partake in a simple activity, watching a movie. There are tons of movies to pick from; they come in different languages with different genres and different stories to tell, but one thing they have on common are the messages that they send out. These messages can show up in one brief scene yet teach the audience so much about morals or issues around the world and create emotions within the…

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  • Wes Anderson Film Techniques

    Wes Anderson is a movie director who has created eleven movies some include Fantastic Mr.Fox , Moonrise Kingdom , Rushmore , etc. Anderson has been known to use some of the same actors in many of his movies, Bill Murray is one of many actors that continues to reappear in Anderson's films. Murray plays many diverse roles, some include Mr. Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom, Badger from Fantastic Mr. Fox, Herman Blume from Rushmore, and M. Ivan From Grand Budapest Hotel. Any character Murray plays he…

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  • Tim Burton, Charlie, And The Chocolate Factory

    Tim Burton is a legend in the film production, industry. One of the most unforgettable film of the century is " Edward Scissorhands " it won the Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation, and BAFTA Award for Best production Design ( Another film is " Charlie,and the Chocolate Factory " that Tim Burton recreated from Ronald Dahl. Tim Burton style is influenced, and inspired by Ronald Dahl. He influenced Tim Burton's imagination, and the cinematic technique he uses.…

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  • Tim Burton Analysis

    Analysing Tim burton's use of angles and shots Watching a Tim Burton film, is not the usual film experience, the particular created by the ominous music, dark lighting, and use of different shots and angles , help develop the Tim Burton style. Although the shots and angles maybe be the least noticed, they’re an intrinsic part of his style. In his renowned films Charlie and the chocolate Factory in which four children get to visit Wonka's secretive factory. Alice and wonderland, girl who falls…

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  • Use Of Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

    Hailey Cummings Mr.McCann 1st period Ela 9 3/24/16 Embedded Assessment 1 unit 2 Tim Burton uses many cinematic techniques in his films. For example, he uses lighting,music/sound and editing.he uses each technique for a specific reason. His main reason for using them is so he can show the audience his style. His style is very dark,gloomy and suspenseful. So with him using those techniques it allows the audience to see and feel his style. Tim Burton uses lighting to create the mood of a…

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  • Cinematic Techniques Used In Tim Burton's Movies

    Intro Paragraph “One person's craziness is another person’s reality” Tim burton says this everytime he describes himself or one of his movies. This is an interesting concept on his movies because he is explaining how what one person thinks, but it someone else. This is just one of the few things that make Tim Burton and his movies so interesting, but the number one thing is something any director can use. The number one thing he does to make his movies, like Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the…

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  • Research Paper On Al Capone

    A child from an italian immigrant family Al capone, nickname “scarface”.He rose up as a leader of a chicago mafia during the prohibition era.He grew up with a very poor family but he had a taste for bigger and better things. Many New York gangsters in the early 20th Century came from impoverished backgrounds, but this was not the case for the legendary Al Capone. Far from being a poor immigrant from Italy who turned to crime to make a living, Capone was from a respectable, professional…

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  • Character Analysis Of American Horror Story: Freak Show

    Analysis of American Horror Story: Freak Show In class we have learned about many different aspects of disability. In American Horror Story: Freak Show (Freak Show), there were many themes shown throughout that touched on material we have talked about in class. Freak Show illustrates the medical and sociopolitical models of disability, uses terms that are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by the disability community, and represents people with disabilities in the media. I have…

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  • Edward Scissorhands Analysis Essay

    Tim Burton’s beautifully haunting production of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ introduces our protagonist, represented by Johnny Depp, and explores the fictional story of this solitary boy with an unfortunate seemingly threatening oddity, being thrust into a world where he is glaringly blatant in the midst of the suburbs. Despite his intimidating exterior, it is almost immediately exposed that Edward is just an innocent, childlike soul, intent on serving others. The purpose of this film was to delve into…

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  • My Educational Standards

    Before collecting artifacts and preparing for the mock evaluation, I was completely lost. I started looking at the standards in the beginning of my placement to prepare and I kept thinking to myself, “where do I even start and I am not sure on what to do to fulfill the standards.” Once I started full on teaching and talked with Kourtni the standards became a lot clearer and I noticed that I was fulfilling these standards when I didn’t even know I was doing so. The first standard, enhance…

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