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  • Dunkirk Analysis

    One of the best examples of the power in a soundtrack is Christopher Nolan's newest Film; Dunkirk. I had the pleasure of watching this Film in IMAX 70MM and it is an absolutely fantastic experience, while I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil it; this is the perfect example of how to use music in film. Christopher Nolan is quite well known for having mostly good scripts that occasionally take a nosedive into heavy handedness and occasionally just really bad dialogue. Whether it's…

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  • Examples Of A Long Shot In Edward Scissorhands

    For example, a long shot is used on Jack in The Nightmare before Christmas as he is trudging through the cemetery in Halloween town; this shows his dissatisfaction in the gloomy and chilling environment. However, moviegoers see his whole demeanor as an outcast change as he realizes not all people or worlds behave as his former subjects had. A long shot is also utilized as a technique for insignificance in Edward Scissorhands as Kim walks up the stairs in Edward’s castle. This shows Edward’s…

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  • Analysis Of Darkness, Light, Darkness

    Darkness, Light, Darkness directed by Jan Svankmajer is an interesting, thrilling, and impressive short film. While only seven minutes long, Svankmajer is able to project creative yet disturbing images that many critics struggle to give single meaning. The short is full of attractions created with stop-motion editing that creates a strong narrative on humanity. The film begins with darkness just as the title suggest. A door creaks and suddenly a light appears that is shown to be turned on by…

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  • Tim Burton Research Paper

    With movies such as Beetlejuice (1989) and Edward Scissorhands (1990), Tim Burton is one of the most well known director/producers of this century. His early obsession with painting and horror films developed into an iconic man with a quirky and almost grotesque style called, “Burtonesque”. With his work being nominated for 2 Oscars, 20 wins, and 59 other nominations, it is no question that Tim Burton is one of the most notorious in the business. While his work is distinguished and celebrated,…

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  • Tim Burton Film Techniques

    Matthew Sagil 12/13/15 English 9 Honors 6th Period Unit 2 - Embedded Assessment #2 Imagine a town that only enjoys new, a golden ticket that can give you fame and fortune, and a potion that can shrink you. This is the world of Tim Burton. Tim Burton has used many techniques in his films, but we will be talking deeper into 3 of the techniques as he changes feeling with lighting, music/sound, and framing. Burton uses lighting in certain ways to change the feeling of the film at certain times,…

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  • Character Analysis Of The Mad Hatter In Alice In Wonderland, By Lewis Carroll

    In both stories of Alice in Wonderland (1865) (2010) by Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton, Alice relies on imaginary characters as archetypes guides and helpmates to help better herself throughout her adventure in Wonderland. From beginning to end, Alice Kingsley fought her own battles, whether they were against herself, or against an external force. If it weren’t for the imaginative characters created by Carroll, found throughout Alice’s adventure, or the adventure itself, she would have been unable…

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  • Ad Analysis: Glamour Magazine's June 2016 Issue By Johnny Depp

    Prevailing over a print ad in Glamour magazine’s June 2016 issue is a sultry Johnny Depp and a bottle of Dior’s new Sauvage cologne (Sauvage, Dior). The way that Depp is presented in this ad only adds to the impact of the marketing. Both Depp and the cologne bottle is placed in the forefront of the scene making them the focal point. Depp is not dressed up as any of the outlandish characters he has played, but in all black and the usual gaudy jewelry he is known for. Penetratingly looking to the…

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  • Hunter Thompson Biography

    featured illustration by Ralph steadman, this nook was a disapproving and also a commercial success and now known to be a modern classic. Fear and Loathing was turned into a movie that was directed by Terry Gilliam, and was starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Johnny Depp was a fan of Thompson’s work and then later developed a friendship. From here on, the rest of his life he had continued to write, although a lot of the work published was from his earlier years during his productive…

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  • The Multiple Styles Of Tim Burton's Multiple Style

    The Multiple Styles of Tim Burton Tim Burton, a well known director of many unique movies, has always been able to express a certain tone by his many different stylistic techniques. When watching movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and Edward Scissorhands many stylistic techniques can be noticed. Tim burton uses stylistic techniques such as the sounds that are heard during the scene, the camera angle, and the lighting used to help portray the tone of the movie.…

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  • Al Capone: Joining The Bootlegging Industry

    gain the power he did. From a young age, Alphonse Capone started engaging in illegal activities. He only went to school until he was about 13 years old and dropped out of sixth grade after hitting his teacher. He then joined a famous gang owned by Johnny Torrio, the same man who later employed him in Chicago. The gang was known as the Five Points Gang They committed petty crimes such as stealing, but nothing as serious as what Capone eventually did. He worked in Brooklyn with Yale until he…

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