The Nightmare Before Christmas Film Analysis

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Film Analysis Essay
Tim Burton is known for his dark, gothic and quirky fantasy filming. This has been displayed through the six movies we watched in class. All six of the film topics were things that one would rarely think of happening and gave us a perspective of how it would feel or the experience through the characters as they traveled through the world of Tim Burton. He has expressed himself through The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland and many others. Through the film techniques Burton choose, he has revealed his fantasies and film expertise.
The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Corpse Bride were both claymation masterpieces by Burton. The Nightmare Before Christmas is about what would happen if one holiday took over for another holiday. In the Corpse Bride, a man already trying to marry one woman ends up accidentally marrying another and consequences happen plus a bunch of other stuff. Both films follow unrealistic and thoughts of fantasy. The lighting in both films are dark and there is a small range of a color spectrum. There are no bright colors at all or minimally. When he does
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Edward's father gave him scissors for hands and Carl this giant was involved in the journey of Bloom. When having scissors for hands and living isolated for so long being brought into a new world and neighborhood can have you experiencing lots of emotions. Burton used close up shoots on Edward to show his emotion and aftermath of certain actions. With Carl and Bloom, Burton used high angles and low angles to give the depth of the size difference. He used high angles on Bloom to show he was small and low angles on Carl to show he was a giant. Through camera angles and certain shoots Burton executed what he was trying to portray. Filming his fantasy in exactly the way he wanted you to see

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