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  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Cinematic Techniques Analysis

    Cinematic techniques is the figurative language of film. Different film techniques are showcased in order to better enhance meaning and emotions. Tim Burton uses sound, lighting, and camera point of views, to create suspense, joy, fear, and anger. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Corpse Bride, Tim Burton uses diegetic sound to foreshadow a negative event that may occur. For example,in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Augustus was given the opportunity to taste any…

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  • Tim Burton Cinematic Analysis

    Cinematic Techniques Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques to portray feelings of joy, excitement, sadness etc.Some of the cinematic techniques that Tim Burton uses is music/sound,lighting,and flashbacks. The proper use of cinematic techniques can manipulate a viewers emotions and hook them to the characters and the story. However when you use cinematic techniques incorrectly the movie can be confusing and not so good. Cinematic techniques can either make or break a movie. One cinematic…

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  • Similarities Between Tim Burton And Edward Scissorhands

    Tim Burton is very well known throughout the globe for his films. He has a way of portraying gothic, awkward, dark and ironic qualities in his creations. The art of Tim Burton makes you stop and think for a second, it is surprising what can be behind the idea of something so small, with so much meaning. He expresses these qualities in greater depth, with the cinematic techniques music/sound, lighting/color and framing/angles. Such as, in the films “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and…

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  • Langston Hughes Salvation Summary

    In his work “Salvation”, Langston Hughes, as a young African-American child, decided to describe a life-changing experience that occurred in his beliefs. At the age of twelve years old, Hughes describes that he has come to the point in his life that gained him the opportunity of being “saved” by Jesus. Just like all the other children, he was expected to accept Jesus’ into his life, and by doing so, he would be saved. Therefore, when the time came, Langston was escorted to the front row, and…

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  • The Five Similes Of A Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes wrote “Dream Deferred” at a time when the rights of African Americans were severely limited in society. There were not many opportunities for people of color to advance themselves in many jobs or mediums. Throughout the poem Hughes is questioning what becomes of an individual that is not in a position to achieve their desires, or not be able to realize full potentials. In “Dream Deferred”, Langston Hughes uses similes to make the reader understand and connect with the idea that…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And Edward Scissor Hands

    Tim Burton is the most unique director of our time. By using cinematic techniques he points out the isolated character in the movie and shows how different they are than everyone else. Although it is consistent that these protagonist characters never fit in, what does vary is their desire to do so and many people argue that this reflects Burton himself. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissor Hands directed by Tim Burton, the use of a wishful protagonist and exaggerated…

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  • Mama's Themes In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    In the short story,” Everyday Use,” Alice Walker depicts the simple farm life in southern Georgia. Mama, the narrator of the story lives a much simpler life than her eldest daughter, Dee. The two battle throughout most of the short story judging each other on their lifestyles. Throughout their reunion Mama and Dee argue over their own agendas and because of their different upbringings they tend to bump heads on what’s truly important. Throughout this short story you begin to understand that…

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  • John Gotti: The Gambino Family

    John Gotti On December 16, 1985, as John Gotti looked on, Paul Castillano and Thomas Bilotti boss and underboss of the Gambino crime family in New York, were ambushed and shot dead by assassins under John Gotti’s command. Nearly all of the family’s capos (chiefs) knew Gotti had been the one behind the hit, and at a meeting of twenty capos on January 15, 1986, Gotti was formally acclaimed the new boss of the Gambino family. At the time of Gotti’s takeover, the Gambino family, with an annual…

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  • Tim Burton Movie Analysis Essay

    Tim Burton Film Analysis Tim Burton is a very creative director, he uses many different cinematic techniques in all his movies some of his main techniques are non-diegetic sound, long shot and lighting. These techniques help him create his unique cinematic style. If you have watched a tim burton movies all of those techniques are seen in his films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands has theses techniques. Tim Burton uses these techniques to creates a different…

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  • Lighting Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

    films are flashback scene. He use that technique to add a back story on his main characters and explain why they are like that. Also he like to use actors that have the same vision that he has. Only three people meet up as his requirements which Johnny Deep, Helen Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee which he frequently collaborates on his films. Tim burton has unusual visual style from characters, props, and setting are widely exaggerated in cartoonish…

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