Toy Story 3 Archetype Analysis

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Jingnan Zhang
English 3: Block Ms. Bunosky
February 15, 2017
Archetypes in Toy Story
One doesn’t usually watch movies and critically think about what is happening in it, but when one analyzes thoroughly, the audience can find some impressive things in the plots of these films. In the movie, Toy Story 3, the audience can clearly see a set of archetypes through the characters. Woody would be considered the hero, Buzz can be seen as the innocent person, and Lotso can be seen as the ruler/dictator.
Woody is the classic archetype of the hero in a story or film. Every time that the toys get in trouble, Woody always comes swooping in with a solution and saves the day. An example of this can be seen when, “All of the toys were placed in the room
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He was the leader to the mission, and in the end, they made it back to their owner, Andy.” (Toy Story 3 by Walt Disney Pictures). This mission was the climax of the story, and the most important part. Woody planned and put his plan into action, saving Buzz and the rest of his friends. Heroes are the type of people that would risk their lives for another person, and this is exactly what Woody did. Another thing that makes Woody fit the archetype of a hero is his instinct. Heroes usually know when something fishy is going on, and he has that type of concept himself. He demonstrated this when, “ all the toys got to the Sunny Side Daycare, Woody knew that there was something wrong there and that Andy’s mom had made the mistake of bringing them to that place. He insisted and insisted in …show more content…
Lotso is a backstabbing liar, and he will literally drag any toys down with him if he needs to. For example, “when Woody and the rest of the toys were on the way to their fiery doom, they helped Lotso get up to a small sidewalk so that he could press the stop button. Once he got to the top, he teased them and left them there to die. If it wasn’t for the aliens, the toys would’ve burned.” (Toy Story 3 by Walt Disney Pictures). If Lotso was a moral person, he would help out the people that saved him. But, since he is an evil being, he was ungrateful and did not do as he was asked. Lotso made all the toys in Sunny Side Day Care go through terrible experiences, all because of his traumas. Lotso was like a dictator to the toys. In the movie, “ Lotso switches Buzz back into his original “space ranger” mode, and he makes him imprison all of his friends. He then tortures some of them by putting them in a pit full of cold sand and children’s poop, and he also tries to brainwash them that nobody loves them and that Woody would never come back for them.” (Toy Story 3 by Walt Disney Pictures). In the past, Lotso was a nice toy, until his first owner abandoned them at a park by accident. This created a lot of hate inside him, and led him to become what he is, Lotso the Dictator. This is the reason that he is so evil and likes to make other toys feel like he does about humans. Behind every

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