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  • Character Analysis Of Jay Gatsby

    Gatsby, Jay Gatsby proves to be a static character through the entire book. Within The Great Gatsby, we learn that Jay Gatsby is a dreamer, that he is motivated, and that he can become very easily manipulated. Gatsby had been proven to be a static character because from start to finish he doesn’t change; from the beginning Gatsby is just as idealistic, motivated, and easily manipulated as he is in the end of the story. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald makes it extremely clear that Jay Gatsby…

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  • Jay Gatsby Moral Compass

    different characters throughout the novel of The Great Gatsby, but two personalities stand out among the rest. These characters exhibit traits that make one seem to be greater and worse than the latter. The character with a strong moral compass is Jay Gatsby for the reasons of him wanting to achieve his goals through the American dream and his unwavering stance on being able to live in the past, however, Daisy is quite the opposite as she manipulates people into giving her wealth for unknown…

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  • Why Is Jay Gatsby Outdated

    youthful facade into the darker issues of the time such as decadence and materialism. F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of these writers and his novel The Great Gatsby explores the gap that had formed between pre and post-war society. The namesake of the novel Jay Gatsby is a successful businessman who has achieved financial success through talent and hard work. However he has become enthralled with the love of his life Daisy Buchanan. However…

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  • Jay Gatsby Research Paper

    The early life of Jay Gatsby I didn't know Gatsby very long, only about a half a year, but I considered him one of my best friends and I hope he thought the same about me. He took me under his wing, showed me his ways and told me his story. James Gatz he was born to “shiftless and unsuccessful farm people — his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all… He was a son of God” (104). As he grew he dreamed of greater things. These dreams convinced him to leave at age 16. At…

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  • Jay Gatsby Identity Quotes

    In the book, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the character Jay Gatsby is favored by many people, including the narrator, Nick Carraway. However, Jay Gatsby is not who many people find him to be. ‘Jay Gatsby’ is a persona that he created to pretend that he can fit in with the wealthy class. Nick’s judgments of Gatsby makes this persona seem admirable and makes the reader feel sympathetic towards him even though Gatsby lies about his life. Gatsby hides the fact that he works in an…

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  • Jay Gatsby Tragic Hero

    may be seen as romantic and heroic, but in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is just pitiful. He plays everyone into his own fantasy because he can never accept reality or his own past. Manipulating friends, lying your way into success and committing crimes does not describe a hero. On the counter, tragic can be described as pathetic, disastrous, or fatal, and Gatsby is the epitome of tragic. Jay Gatsby is a tragic character because he wants someone that he can’t have, longs…

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  • Reasons For Jay Gatsby's Death

    For my written task, I have decided to do a tabloid newspaper article on possible reasons for Jay Gatsby’s death and about Jay Gatsby. The purpose of this task is to speculate about the possible reasons why Gatsby died by linking to Myrtle’s death and about whether it was true that Gatsby killed Myrtle. Another purpose is to explore Gatsby’s identity by taking the rumours about him into account. The target audience would be the working class people in America. I have chosen this topic because…

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  • Jay Gatsby The Romantic Hero

    Jay Gatsby the Romantic Hero Martin Luther Jr. devoted his most of his adult life to fighting for civil rights. Between the public speaking, boycotts, marches, and prayer he led, it was clear that he had to devote his life to the fight for civil rights. He fought for these rights because they meant a lot to him, and it was what he thought was right. Through the fight, many called him a hero for what he achieved in civil rights. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby devotes a significant part of his…

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  • Corruption Of Jay Gatsby's Dream

    Jay Gatsby dreams higher than the moon and wider than the sky. In his own mind, Gatsby has created ideal life, one that he has build up since he was a young and impoverished boy. He grew up as Jimmy Gatz in North Dakota, with unimpressive parents and a simple lifestyle which prompted his thirst for riches. Nick noticed that Gatsby, “invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.” Other children…

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  • How Is Jay Gatsby Selfish

    In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is a multidimensional character that F. Scott Fitzgerald creates to be the center of conflict, in the book. He is a wealthy man living in West Egg, New York who throws extremely extravagant parties in his gargantuan house. Gatsby’s mysterious past and hard to believe track record makes people interested in him. Gatsby is a hopeless romantic trying to obtain his one and only love, a lavish man who wants everyone to know so, and is so mysterious, people wonder if…

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