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  • Wigs And Human Hair

    a hairpiece made with human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. There are different type of wigs, bangs and fringes, pony tails, hair buns, hair wraps, headbands, falls and half wigs etc. There are different aims to wear wigs, for beauty, for fashion, for status symbol, for art. As for the facial hair, it is kind of hair which grown on face, usually on the chin, cheeks, and upper lip region. Men and women both have it but usually it grown denser and thicker on men.  The wigs were first…

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  • 1960s Fashion Design

    The fashion styles and design associated with the 1960s were a reflection of a growing number of teenagers and the youth of that time becoming wealthier. How true is this? This case study is concerned with looking at whether or not it is fair to agree with statement that the fashion and design associated with the 1960s was a reflection of the youth of the time becoming wealthier. This cases study is concentrating on the teenagers living in the United States during this time. The central concept…

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  • Zara Fast Fashion Essay

    Zara: Simplicity and FrequencyZara is the largest and profitable fashion brand of Inditex, a multi-national clothing retailer and manufacturer. Zara opened its first store in La Coruna in 1975. The company revolutionized the world of fashion by bringing many collections out each season. They accomplished this by connecting customer demand to manufacturing and linking manufacturing to distribution. Zara set the standard for the fashion industry with its ability to design, produce, distribute and…

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  • Lie Sangbong Essay

    Bong’s way of creating ideas of design (Who is Lie) “Designer Sangbong Lie, who is considered one of the most influential people in Korean fashion and a pioneer of K-fashion in the global fashion arena, started designing in 1980” (Jung 241). What makes Lie one of the best fashion designers in Korea? Firstly, Lie was trained and educated as a fashion designer in his country, Korea. However, although he got a success in his country, he was not satisfied. He planned to go other countries to…

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  • Winter Hats Research Paper

    the man with winter hat Winter headgear. For the men, hat (or beanie hat as now appears to be called), cap or hat. Which material you choose? About the hat, I do not have much to say. Nice and warm, sporty and easy to put in your pocket. Perhaps clever to invent any materials you have on your head to many. Do it quickly warm? Can you stand the tickling of wool? If you answer 'yes and no', then look for a cap of synthetic material. Or maybe a combination of the two materials a solution for you…

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  • Victorian Era Dress History

    be very tight and very, very uncomfortable. It even affected the way one sat, walked, and the very body language she used. the corset and bodice were the main culprits in this, as well as the fashion of wearing pointed shoes, along with stockings and accessories. Men on the other hand were an opposite fashion trend then then the woman. While the style was still formal and stiff, they lacked color as most were made in neutral colors. The main pieces of an outfit would be the waistcoats, trousers,…

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  • Why Do Fashion Repeats Itself

    For my research, I explored How and Why Fashion Repeats Itself. I investigated the history of fashion, the way and the reasons that fashion changes regularly. I discovered some specific examples such as denim jeans as well. In the process of the research, I took several steps. I examined various websites and several books and checked them for relevance and bias. Additionally, I conducted a survey with 40 people and collated it. History of fashion Fashion has always been key to how people…

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  • The Devil Wears Prada

    from Brown who somehow finds herself working as one of the assistants of the top fashion magazine in the world, Runway. Never having read a copy of Runway in her life and with aspirations of working at The New Yorker fresh out of college, Andrea ‘Andie’ Sachs finds herself at an interview at Runway after applying half heartedly to a bunch of publishing houses in hopes of landing a decent job. Being a self confessed ‘fashion loser’, Andie ends up landing the job at million girls would kill for.…

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  • Khroma, The Goddess Of Color

    One early spring morning Khroma the goddess of color set out to the city of Athens to trade colors with the artists in the city. Khroma was the goddess of colors, she controls and changes the colors of anything she wishes. Anytime an Athenian artist needed a new or different color for their creations, Khroma would supply them. The artist often traded a color for a more beautiful color, Khroma thought that was silly because in her eyes all colors are equally beautiful. Khroma descended from…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Between A Walk And A Pageant Walk

    If a person was to sit down and watch a high fashion runway show and then watch a pageant. They probably wouldn’t believe that the walks are similar, they would only see the obvious differences between the two. While both walks are very different, they do have similarities. Each walk has four key elements to the walk. Runway and pageant walks are made up of posture, steps, facial expressions, and energy. A key part of both a runway walk and a pageant walk is the posture. When I first learned…

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