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  • The Fifth Amendment

    puritans fleeing Britain was the very same system and methods employed in the trial. English common law once considered a refusal to take an oath of innocence as an admission of guilt- puritans objected to the practice, and refused to cooperate with interrogations as a result. Over a century later, the right against self-incrimination was codified in the United States’ Bill of…

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  • Miranda Vs Arizona

    The issue, concerning what has become known as Miranda Rights, began in 1963. It was called a "pre-interrogation warning". It was not called a Miranda Warning until after the US Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona in 1966 when Ernest Miranda was taken into custody, by the Phoenix Police Department, as a suspect for the kidnapping and rape of a girl. The Phoenix PD arrested him and questioned him for two hours. He confessed to the crime he was accused of committing and wrote a confession…

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  • Trent 1475: Stories Of A Ritual Murder Trial Analysis

    115). Hsia also writes that the Jewish women used their social status to their advantage by confessing to the magistrates that, like Christian men, Jewish men did not include the women in all aspects of life. Hsia states the Jewish women in the interrogation records “emerged as individuals” (Hsia, 115). The magistrates still tortured the Jewish women, and eventually got what they needed from the women, including conversion to the Christian faith. The degree of torture that the Jewish women…

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  • Police Malpractice Case Study

    In this case, Dave’s confession will most likely be rejected at trial because of the police oppression under s. 76(2)(a) PACE. The use of violence by police officers is completely unacceptable. The interrogation is reasonable because it follows the process that a police investigation entails: arrest and then an interview. However, the officers conduct afterwards of locking Dave in a cell, blasting heavy metal music with red lights can be construed as oppression…

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  • Excessive Government Control

    to gun ownership as a punishment. With these methods governments are desensitizing their own citizens; making these controlling methods common and okay. Each government has its own laws and regulations about the fine lines between torture and interrogation, but do these regulations keep the morals of the citizens within the nation? Every citizen has their own rights that includes the right of life and the right to bear arms. Where does the government limit their power and who has the right to…

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  • Obtaining The Confession: Theoretical Analysis

    crime in any magnitude is a social conflict. As an individual grows and develops, he or she is introduced to certain ideals such as right and wrong. The central ethical issue in “Obtaining the Confession” is justice, and the techniques in police interrogations in order to produce a confession which include lying to suspects, empathizing with him or her to lead them to tell the truth, offering leniency and inferring that there is a small window in which to confess in order for the suspect to…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should You Use Torture?

    Torturing a person that knows information may be more sincere and effective than a normal interrogation, but torturing an innocent person can give investigators misleading information. Furthermore, torture doesn’t always lead to truthful information because the person being tortured will say anything and may even lie to stop suffering. This statement…

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  • Prohibition Of Torture Essay

    Quite apart from the fact that there is a general agreement that torture is morally wrong, the prohibition of torture is also enshrined in fundamental conventions like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. From a moral point of view, we agree that torture is ‘evil in itself’ (mala in se) : the act is inherently wrong by nature, independent of the law. This means that it is not required to base it on a legal rule to prove that…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Ever Justified?

    Matthew Alexander, a military officer who "conducted more than 300 investigations and supervised more than 1000" in Iraq, argues that "the harsh abuse approach to interrogations is vastly inferior to the rapport-building approach he used to interrogate successfully a number of high-value captives." Matthew Alexander argues "even in a ticking time bomb situation, which he encountered in Iraq with suicide bombers, a relationship-building approach is superior and does not have to be…

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  • Nancy Drew As New Girl Wonder Analysis

    of female conduct.” (Siegel 1997, 174) She rejected many social conventions of the past and embodied the ambiguity of shifting expectations for feminine behaviour in the 1930s. As I will argue, this is particularly true in terms of Nancy Drew’s interrogation style and interactions with male characters; however, this is not as evident in descriptions of her physical…

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