Should Torture Be Allowed Essay

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“Tick, tick, tick”.
A bomb has been planted in a civilian building, and a mastermind terrorist has been captured. This, a very real scenario, is one that often threatens our government. So the main debate is what the government should do with the terrorist. Should our government use torture or enhanced interrogation as a way to save lives? The answer is yes, we should! Many view torture as an inhumane tactic and believe that torture should be eradicated from all governments. There are others, however, who see torture as a cruel but necessary act for their government to commit, and those people are right. Torture is a necessity a government can utilize because it leads to the capture U.S. enemy targets, helps obtain information to prevent future attacks, and ensures the protection of the U.S. and its citizens.
The use of torture within the U.S. Government is a justifiable use, especially when a nation needs to capture and eliminate high profile U.S targets. Osama bin Laden was number one on the U.S 's most wanted list. His elimination was the result of the use of government sanctioned torture. “In particular, the CIA said that al-Queda captives who broke under interrogation disclosed the name of Laden 's courier, Abu Ahmed al Kuwati”(Blair). Using this information, the CIA tracked this individual and was able to find the location of bin Laden 's hideout in the Pakistani town of Abbotabed. “The CIA added that the first confirmation of Abu Admed 's status as bin Laden 's courier came from a prisoner, Ammar al Baluchi, under
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For this reason torture, is a necessary evil for the US government to commit, no matter how inhumane or morally injustice it may seem. If torture can save lives, then by God it will be used by the government in the present and future.
Figure 1- Adults vs Youth views on torture.
(Variation in acceptability of torture of enemy

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