Interpretation of quantum mechanics

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  • The Importance Of Photoluminescence

    The term photoluminescence by definition can be refered to as a molecule or atom which absorbs electromagnetic energy and in turn, emits light.In quantum mechanics, it is where excitation to a higher energy state occurs, which then returns to a lower energy state, together with the emission of a photon. According to Seitz (2006) found in the Credo referencing database, “Photoluminescence excitation spectra are determined by measuring emission intensity at a fixed wavelength while varying the…

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  • The Importance Of Nature By Marie Curie

    1 The Nature All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. – Marie Curie (1867-1934), the Polish-French physicist chemist famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. All that is beautiful, delightful and affable in this world, the silence of the night, the loveliness of the morning, the beauty of the day, the melody of the breeze, the fragrances of the flower, the precious…

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  • Quasiclassical Elienberger Equations

    Quasiclassical Elienberger equations [129] for the green functions g(k , r, and order parameter , is a powerful tool to deal with inhomogeneous superconductors [130]. These functions depend on the so called, ‘Matsubara frequency’, , coordinate r, and wave vector k on the fermi surface. The dependence of green functions and order parameters on the wave vector k, makes them sensitive to the shape of fermi surface. This makes solution of Elienberger equations complicated in the system of complex…

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  • Newton's Law Of Motion In The Movie Gravity

    unable to connect to Houston, and are faced with space debris travelling at a high velocity. Wolf Kohn – a former NASA Engineer – says that this scene is inaccurate as the debris is travelling at a velocity that is too high. According to orbital mechanics, the higher an object’s orbit, the slower its velocity, and the longer the amount of time it takes to complete an orbit. Therefore, objects in the same orbit should have the same relative velocity; unless coming from a higher or a lower…

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  • Non-Markovian Coherence And Entanglement Transfer

    DESCRIPTION In the paper titled “Non-Markovian coherence and entanglement transfer in a quantum version of Newton’s cradle”, Mu and co-author have presented the quantum analog of the classical Newton’s cradle. An array of couple cavities (coupled with a common Markovian and non-Markovian environment) with nearest neighbor hopping interaction between the cavities, has been selected as the quantum cradle. In the case of quantum cradle with Markovian baths, single exception transfer is used…

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  • Wave Interference In Alice In Quantumland

    A large portion of the book Alice in Quantumland tries to help Alice make sense of wave interference. The Classical Mechanic leads Alice to a place referred to as the gedanken room, meaning the thinking room. In said room, anything that one thinks appears as substance, making it possible to perform quantum experiments. The Classical Mechanical then proceeds to explain interference by a simple definition to Alice. “Interference is something that happens with waves. You can have all kinds of waves…

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  • Peter Higgs's Explanation Of The Temp

    In 1964 a physicist by the name of Peter Higgs took some ideas that were floating around at the time, added an insight or two of his own, and proposed that there was an energy field that permeated the entire universe. This energy field is now called the Higgs filed. The reason he proposed this field was that nobody understood why some subatomic particles had a great deal of mass, while others had little and some had none at all. The energy filed that Higgs proposed would interact with the…

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  • Daniel Bernoulli Essay

    Daniel Bernoulli, proclaimed to be the greatest out of all the Bernoulli in his family, made the basis for the kinetic theory of gases, applied the idea of Boyle’s law, worked on elasticity with Leonhard Euler, the development of the Euler-Bernoulli beam equation, and one of the most important Bernoulli’s Principle which is critical to aerodynamics. At the beginning of Daniel’s life he wasn’t allowed to choose what he wanted to be or be able to pursue the career he wanted, but this shaped the…

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  • Bernhard Riemann Biography Essay

    Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann was born in Breselenz, a village close to Dannenberg in the Kingdom of Hanover, which is now mostly known as Federal Republic of Germany. His father, Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, was a poor Lutheran Minister in Breselenz who took part in the Napoleonic Wars and finally settled as a pastor in Quickborn. On the other hand, his mother, Charlotte Ebell, unfortunately died before her children had reached adulthood. Riemann was second among his 6 brothers and sisters,…

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  • Is The Quality Of Journal In The Physical Review?

    1. Please summarize your assessment of the paper: YES MAYBE NO Does the paper contain enough significant new physics to warrant publication in the Physical Review? (X) ( ) ( ) Is the paper scientifically sound and not misleading? (X) ( ) ( ) Is the paper well organized and clearly written? ( ) (X) ( ) Are the subject matter and style of…

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