Electron Microscope

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Electron microscope (Manning, n.d.) is the instrument used to magnify different scientific artifacts with the used of electron beams to create the illustration of the sample, and has the capacity to magnify two million times of the original specimen. The development of the electron microscope was first known in the year 1931 because Ernst Ruska and Maximoll Knoll magnified electron image successfully, but the equipment was actually constructed in 1933 (Innes, n.d.). The concept of the electron microscope came from Ernst Ruska’s ideas and first constructed publicly by Eli Franklin Burton at the University of Toronto together with the students. During the World War II, the advancement of an electron microscope has been controlled due to some …show more content…
Instrumental deforms and image characteristics of the sample are too broad to be visible in the electron microscope. Moreover, the specimen that will not be placed in a vacuum will shatter and distort the molecules in the occurrence of natural air (http://www.microscope-detective.com/disadvantages-of-electron-microscopes.html). The EM produces either two-dimensional or three-dimensional images, but it is always in a grayscale form, which is not advantageous for the viewers (Innes, n.d.). It states that, electron microscope cannot produce a colored image because it has a limited voltage for the contrast of the specimen. The other disadvantage of the electron microscope is that, the equipment yield is not dependable because it is created by human. Man-made technologies are being said prone to errors because people believe that, there is no perfection for a human being (http://www.microscope-detective.com/disadvantages-of-electron-microscopes.html). Eventhough scientists will carefully conduct the process, the samples are bound to change through the actual preparation. The occurrence of damages and dislocation on the aspect of the molecules is cannot be diminished because it is constant for an object to change over time (http://www.microscope-detective.com/disadvantages-of-electron microscopes.html). These changes may result to a different structural details but not in the specimen

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