Radiologic Technician

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fragile, this means that there is a greater risk of breaking something. This then would mean that there is a greater use for x-rays and other imaging making the need of radiologist technicians greater. As a Radiologist Technician you are subjected to radioactive material on a daily basis. According to Cancer Risks among Radiologists and Radiologic Technologists: Review of Epidemiologic Studies “increased mortality due to leukemia among early workers employed before 1950, when radiation exposures were high” (Cancer Risks among Radiologists and Radiologic Technologists: Review of Epidemiologic Studies, N.A.) This shows the correlation between the workers employed in the early years and cancer, this means that people who worked in the field at an earlier time are a bigger risk of getting cancer of other diseases. Being that Radiolgist technicians are subjected to radioactive materials meant that they are at a greater risk of …show more content…
Radiologic Technicians will stand behind a “lead infused wall” (Cancer Risks among Radiologists and Radiologic Technologists: Review of Epidemiologic Studies, N.A.) to minimize the exposure to the radiation. This greatly reduces the exposure to the harmful radiation.
A Radiologist is Someone who “produce clear and accurate images of the body that enable physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions that would otherwise be difficult to document” (Becoming a Radiologist Technician , N.A.) It takes a lot to become a radiologist, the education and training you need is an important part to success in this field. Alongside with knowing the facts behind the job. All of this is an important part to becoming a radiologist but you wouldn't succeed without the love and care for the patient and the career

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