Interpretation of quantum mechanics

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  • Personal Narrative: I As Good As My Role Model

    “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” Albert Einstein, a specialist on developing general theories and determined scientist. This quote connects to a time in my life when I was eight years old and I found something that I really loved. But it appeared extremely hard. It was to become an artist and I had big dreams of becoming fantastic at my new hobby of art, but how would I be as good as my role model, Lainey?…

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  • Charge Transport: Worksheed By Vissenberg And Matter Model

    In the organic disordered materials, the charge transport is occurred by variable range hopping (VRH) of charge carriers between strongly localized states [22-25, 30, 58-61]. The VRH model proposed by Vissenberg and Matters model that considers the hopping percolation of thermally activated carriers between localized states is the most model used for describing charge transport in the disordered organic semiconductors and modeling the electrical characteristics OTFTs [27, 58]. Indeed, the…

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  • Synthesis, Electronic Structures, And Spectroscopic Properties

    Supplemental information for “Colloidal Type-II CdS/ZnSe NCs : Synthesis, Electronic Structures, and Spectroscopic Properties” S.A. Ivanov, A. Piryatinski, J. Nanda, S. Tretiak, D. Werder, V. I. Klimov Theoretical model. To describe quantum states in a spherically symmetric Type-II core/shell nanocrystals (NC) characterized by the core radius R and the shell width H, we use effective mass approximation. We assume the existence of single energy bands for both electrons and holes. This assumption…

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  • Mercury Footwear Case Study

    1. Is mercury an appropriate target for AGI? Why or why not? Please clearly cite examples for your reasons. (10 points) There are many reasons that mercury is an appropriate target for AGI. • Both companies are in the same industry of footwear products. • First off the two companies have differentiating strategies and markets that they sell to. AGI will be adding a new market to their company goals and increasing their revenue streams. • AGI strives in the casual footwear segment with a…

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  • Quantitative Analysis Of Auger Electron Spectroscopy

    Critical assessment of the article: Quantitative analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy 1 Introduction When the outer electron fills the vacancy left by an ionized electron in the inner shell, the released energy can be passed to another outer electron that causes further emitting of an electron with characteristic energy, this is the basic principle of the Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) [1]. Nowadays, AES is almost an indispensable tool in nanoscience research for its high surface…

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  • Isaac Newton's Theory

    No one would have believed, in the last years of the 19th century, that physics was heading for a crisis. It seemed like all the large questions had been answered. The behaviour of bodies, from asteroids to galaxies, was predicted by Sir Isaac Newton 's laws of gravity and motion. Magnetism, electricity and light were linked by James Clerk Maxwell’s Equations. The understanding of the atom had reached the plum pudding stage, where an atom was a globe of 'stuff ' with the positive and negative…

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  • Paper On Linear Wave Theory

    LINEAR WAVE THEORY Linear wave theory can be defined as first-order, small amplitude gravity wave with a sinusoidal shape. This theory has been developed by Airy in 1845. It is easy to apply and give reasonable approximation of wave characteristic for a wide range of wave parameters. However, in some situations, waves are better described by higher order theories or also referred as finite-amplitude wave theories. Although there are limitations to its application, linear theory is still useful…

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  • Why Is Lego The Most Ingenious Toy In The World?

    In the chapter “Democritus, Sophie is asked “Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?”(Gaarder 44). This question then leads to the philosopher, Democritus, who is known for the atom theory. Alike the structure of legos, he believed all atoms that made up the universe were “eternal, immutable, and indivisible”(Gaarder 45). Furthermore, Democritus believed all atoms were firm and solid and were all different. Since they were all different, he thought they could join together and form all…

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  • Spectroscopy Essay

    Types of Spectroscopy used in Organic Chemistry 1.1 Introduction Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and light (electromagnetic radiation) (Crouch & Skoog, 2007). It is often phrased as the light of knowledge (Reusch, 2013). In the past, spectroscopy started by the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength by a prism (Anon., n.d.). Now, with the knowledge of light having both wave-like and particle-like characteristics, with given frequency or…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Plot

    Plot of the Movie A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie shot in 2001 by an American director Ron Howard. It is based on the story of the American mathematician John Nash, who was a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. The main actor Russell Crowe, starring as the professor J. Nash, is the promising scientist that demonstrates success in mathematics. He wins the famous scholarship at Princeton University (Lee, 2009), where he creates interesting concepts. Meanwhile, Nash starts working for the…

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