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  • Big Juice Mango Research Paper

    any aspects will always be the best way to assure who you want to become and how big of an impact you want to make in others. I am excited to say that I am in the right place and time, I have finally found the way to express my feelings through my designs and inspire others to understand a little bit of my journey. I am enthusiastic for what is to come, for my future, for what I can do as a…

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  • Interracial Practice: Rituals Of Resistance

    Dr. Emma Rowden Studio: Rituals of Resistance CONTENT Aims and objectives of studio Method of studio Role in studio This report will discover how the studio Rituals of Resistance led by Tom Rivard investigates processes of city-making and urban design in the contrary to rising tides of neoliberal regulation and environmental transformation, searching for genuine urban resilience. I. Aims and objectives This studio will confront the underpinned stories of city-making: the myth of economic…

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  • Karl Lagerfeld Research Paper

    It was through working with fashion house Chanel that Karl soon adopted his sleek signature style turned trademark. “Dark suits, a ponytail, and sunglasses at all times in all conditions” (Biography in Context). His style is reflected through his designs mainly in black and white, airy as well as well tailored and structured pieces, while also dabbling with clean graphic pieces. In terms of accessories, he keeps them minimalistic, with accents of fur, sometimes edgy similar to his shoes. He is…

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  • Visual Culture: 'The Winter Tale'

    VISUAL CULTURE – THE WINTER TALE Zhaoshen Wang (Johnson Wang) / WAN16475335 Anthropomorphic advertisement is a better way to promote penetration and sales of the new products through visual attraction and imagination rather than literal adverts. The term ‘visual culture’ encompasses many media forms ranging from fine art to popular film and television to advertisement to visual data in fields such as the sciences, law, and medicine. (Sturken & Cartwright, 2009, P.1). Visual culture looks at…

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  • Election By Tom Perrotta Analysis

    Cassandra Clare once wrote,“Lies and secrets... they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.” Everyone has a secret, but, it is what a person lets a secret do to them and to others that can be destructive. In Election written by Tom Perrotta, characters in a suburban town live everyday hiding secrets from their peers, elders, and even themselves. These secrets have the potential to corrupt relationships, and morals, and they do so…

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  • Teeth Pro Health Ad Analysis

    Crest Pro Health Whenever you first meet someone, what is the first thing you see? Is it their gorgeous blue eyes, their flawless skin, their luscious hair, or their perfect smile? Most people would say the first thing they notice on someone is their mouth, good or bad. Everyone has a preference when it comes to mouth hygiene and every company thinks their products are the best. Crest Pro-Health made an advertisement selling their version of whitening teeth products. The ad creators focused on…

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  • Balmain Research Paper

    What is Balmain, and who is the man behind the brand? Balmain is a fashion house that was founded in 1946 by Pierre Balmain (born 1914 in France) a French haute couture fashion designer. Throughout the years, Balmain has had different head designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Christophe Decarnin and current creative director Olivier Rousteing. Olivier Rousteing (born September 13, 1986 in Bordeaux, France) studied at ESMOD, Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (School of Arts and…

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  • Tatyana Van Walsum In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Nicholas Georgiadis collaborated with MacMillan on multiple occasions throughout his career. His set designs along with John B. Read’s lighting design creates a “vast production” (Thornhill). However, the “core component” of the vast production is “the evolution of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, from their initial shyness to their final moments” (Thornhill). Georgiadis’ designs create an “evocative, visual history of [Romeo and Juliet] and the dancers who created it” (Brown). In keeping with…

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  • Rap Music Influence

    I've only recently allowed myself to acknowledge the fact that I am, in many ways, a puppet. This is not to say that I have the whimsical, carefree, and adventurous spirit of Pinocchio, but rather that my thoughts and actions are heavily influenced by a puppeteer. Mainstream media has permeated the hearts and minds of my demographic, forming priorities, setting standards, and defining success. Sure, that's just how kids are: impressionable, but aren't we more than those who influence us? It's…

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  • Lee Alexander Mcqueen Research Paper

    creating designs for his three sisters to wear at a young age. At a young age e identified himself as a homosexual but did not come out to the public until he was 18. He was teased a lot as a child by students. But he did not let that stop him. He then became determined to become a fashion designer. Alexander McQueen was the chief designer of Louis Vuitton Givenchy before he created his own clothing in 2001. McQueen went back to London and applied to Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and…

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