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  • How Does Clothes Affect Your Mood

    The Fantastic Ways Fashion Can Boost Your Mood Fashion lovers are passionate about clothing and often claim it’s more than just an outfit to wear. Clothes are a lifestyle – a way to show the world who you are all about. They can tell a story about who you are and even what you do. But can they also boost your mood? Colours affect your mood One of the clearest examples of clothing influencing your mood is through the colours you wear. Different coloured clothing has been shown to affect your…

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  • The Importance Of Brand Equity And Brand Awareness

    Chi, Yeh and Yang (2008) to study the relationship between brand image and consumers’ purchase intention. For this research, the questionnaire which consists of 18 questions will be adopted from the previous research by Musharraf and Ali (2013). The design of questionnaire will be a concealed and structural questionnaire which consists of two sections such as demographics questions and Likert 5 points scale. Likert scale is one of the most reliable way to measure respondents’ behaviours and…

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  • Budweiser Magazine Advertisement Analysis

    Advertisements are used by thousands of companies worldwide to promote their product or service to their target market. There are a variety of different ways and means of doing this; however, of these, print media is one of the most common. These advertisements are particularly effective at targeting a specific audience by using the demographic of the magazine itself as an access point. Subsequently, companies can choose which magazines to display their advertisement in, in order to reach a…

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  • Ethical Issues In Graphic Design Essay

    Holding onto a sense of morality in the graphic design industry is not always an easy task. Most income is generated when a designer is obligated to take on the requests of a paying client, no matter how unethical the specifications may be. Graphic designers are often obligated to ignore their own values in order to keep their careers. Some may argue that a graphic designer should realize that they need to have the ability to put their personal feelings aside, in order to please their customers…

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  • Two Types Of Quantitative Research Designs

    quantitative research methods or designs, are used to observe and explain something that happens, used to collect and gather information, and analyze the information. Two types of quantitative research designs, used between groups, are the pretest-posttest control group design and within groups, the crossover design. According to Sheperis, Young, & Daniels (2010) the experimental research design is an attempt to maintain control and or alter one variable…

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  • Quasi Study Arbitrarily

    Even though a Quasi-experimental design does have certain weakness for the investigator, this form of research possesses advantages as well that help researchers accomplish their research goals. Ellis & Leavy (2011) stated that quasi-experiments in research are employed more than other quantitative designs. 3. As long as every member of the study is placed into groups without any criteria and are arbitrarily attached…

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  • Herbert Bayer Achievements

    within multiple fields of art and design were endless when it comes to the legacy of Herbert Bayer. The ADC Hall of Fame recognizes Bayer’s achievements in this quote from their 1975 biography, “If Herbert Bayer had produced nothing after the age of 28, his accomplishments to that point alone would make him one of the great pioneers in visual communication” ( Although Bayer was most passionate about graphic design and typography, he was also very…

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  • Violence Based Media Behavior

    Violence Based Media and its Effect on the Human Behavior Video games were an outlet by which violence was circulated in the media. Violence based media, particularly that of video games, could have negative effects on the behavior of its users causing an “increase in aggressiveness” (Thomas Gilovich, 2013). The relationship between the use of violent driving games and the increase in aggressive behavior was tested in an experiment. The experimenter hypothesized that subjects who play driving…

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  • Lululemon Marketing Strategy

    My marketing objective for my 2016-2017 lululemon athletica advertising campaign is to get more brand awareness for the men’s clothing department. This section of the brand tends to struggle more than the women’s department because as many women know, most men are stuck in their ways and most likely will not want to be associated themselves and what they wear with a brand that carries a feminine name. Also, lack of awareness is making the men’s department at lululemon athletica struggle. In my…

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  • Language Center Case Study

    Client Questions How do you expect the Language Exchange Center to Function? The language center should function somewhat like a YMCA. It should open to everyone in the community. The center should be an active hub where people gather and learn, and share experiences. The community should have a large part in the way the center functions. The center should almost be able to run on its own. Since this a historic building, are there any artifacts you would like showcased in the space? Yes,…

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