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  • Interactivity And Interactive Art

    Interactivity and interactive art The main concern of this chapter is trying to answer these questions: how can define the interactivity in art and what is the possible interactions between the viewer/participant and artwork? They could be a start point to understand different aspects of interactive situations and environments. It is correct that the process of interaction is often tactile and the user actually physically touches the work and experiences its responses, but interactivity is not just about approaching an artwork. In some cases, the interface not only feels material but also provides physical haptic feedback. The interaction between viewer and artwork has been one of the most important things throughout the history of all art forms. Every branch of arts has described it in its own conventions. But in the general view as Dixon noted: “All art is an interaction between the viewer and the artwork, and thus all artworks are interactive…

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  • Digital Interactive Art Analysis

    The internet is full of a wide variety of digital interactive art and the artwork that stood out the most was Andy Deck, Glyphti (2001-2006). Glyphiti is an image composed of many smaller glyphs that an artist from any part of the world can manipulate. The base of the website seems to be fairly easy and the instructions was self-explanatory. However, there are some co-determined factors that the creator has limited for the artist. These limitations are what make glyphti so original and is able…

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  • Interactive Art Research Paper

    CARITA MARSILI 'S ACADEMIC RESEARCH REPORT PUT THROUGH PAPERRATER.COM ON SEPTEMBER 29TH AT 9 AM. THIS IS NOT PLAGARISM, I AM USING AN ONLINE GRAMMER CHECKER. Adams, Marianna, Moreno Cynthia, Polk Molly, and Buck Lisa. The Dilemma of Interactive Art Museum Spaces. Art Education 56.5 (2003): 42-52. Web. This paper analyzes the conversion of contemporary interactive art through its intentions to influence youth culture with creative play, but ultimately sacrifices the deeper excruciation of art…

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  • Interactive Art Museum Space Analysis

    and Buck Lisa. “The Dilemma of Interactive Art Museum Spaces.” Art Education 56.5 (2003): 42-52. Web. Accessed 26 September 2016. This paper analyzes the conversion of contemporary interactive art through its intentions to influence youth culture with creative play, but ultimately sacrifices the deeper excruciation of art and its representations. The author presents two main issues, the challenge of interactive art to educate and its challenge to interrelate. Through concrete examples he…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Education

    Gone are the days where schools contained a standard blackboard or whiteboard and exercise books for every student. Nowadays, schools have incorporated new technologies such as online library databases, laptops for students, interactive whiteboards and online reports into their education system. This fast-growing development is supplying a larger majority of students with more opportunities to flourish as learning and an individual. Firstly, in light of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence…

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  • SMART Board Technology In The Classroom: Case Study

    I am writing to our local school board and administration to consider implementing SMART Board technology usage into the K-8 classroom settings at my local elementary school, St. Mary’s Academy. In the preschool setting I believe this to be a very beneficial tool that could help enhance the learning of students in the classroom. This technology would provide the opportunity for children to learn collaboratively and to use technology to build their skills in language, math, art, and culture. In…

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  • Paragraph On Life Of An English Teacher

    class, Mrs. Taylor has an inspirational quote up for students to write about. They simply take out a piece of paper known as “Warm Ups”. These are a part of engagement activities for the students. Then there is an Agenda for the day labeled up on the white board for each student to see when they come into class. I personally think the way Mrs. Taylor begins class and communicates with the class is very efficient and very simple to freshman. The classroom environment was as you would think…

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  • Room 302 Reflection

    Everyday is a special day in room 302. We attempt to be very organized and lessons may be very thorough, but every day is a different day. We have a diverse group of individuals that require additional support and services in the regular education settings. My class consists of students that are very academically engaged, some receive learning support, some are co-programmed with the life support class, and a few behavior concerns, but I strongly agree that students with significant cognitive…

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  • Technology Artifacts In The Classroom Essay

    I noticed the computers are used during center time every once in awhile. On the computers, students access ABCya! and Starfall along with other interactive games and activities. There are three students that my cooperating teacher considers struggling. During interactive read alouds or review lessons, she puts them at the computer. They normally participate in activities on Imagine Learning. Since the students struggle with the same concepts, they are instructed to stick to the same…

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  • Essay On Kindergarten Observation

    When students come into kindergarten they are across the board with different levels of development and skills. I quickly noticed through observation that a very important characteristic to understand with these children is their maturity level. I found it the most helpful to observe students with how they work and interact with others. I believe the best way to teach is to understand who your students are. This means getting to know them on a personal level; learning about their families,…

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