Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

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  • Human Rights In Latin America

    The history of human rights plays a crucial role in the lives of people from Latin America. The rights of humans have been violated for many decades and continue to be violated today. Since corruption continued to impact the lives of many individuals, human right organizing became a fundamental social and political movement that helped people bring awareness to the corruption happening in Latin America. Mobilizing grabbed the attention of activist, grassroots and middle level societies thus sparking Latin America to become a movement society seeking to gain equal rights for all individuals. Through organizing Latin America was attempting to empower others to join the movement in order to be able to reach autonomy. This movement that Latin…

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  • Unit 517 Lead Person-Centred Practice Case Study

    Therefore they will be able to empathize with them more. When care is being established for the individual concerned, their needs, preferences and requirements must be addressed. Seeing the service user as a biopsychosocial (sees individuals lead a biological, psychological and social dimension to their life) human being.…

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  • The Ineffectiveness Of The United Nations Human Rights Committee

    The United Nations Human Rights Committee was founded to be an international front to combat human rights violations across the world. However, the effectiveness of its presence in international law is debatable. To understand its effectiveness Human Rights must be defined. Human Rights are “Rights possessed by humans, the set of entitlements held to belong to every person as a condition of being human.”. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the best definition as rights that belong to every…

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  • Offences Against The Person Act: Discrimination Of Sexual Minorities In Jamaica

    between men (Offences Against the Person Act, 1864). Although the law criminalizes acts between men, and arrest under the law is rare, it is used to justify human rights violations against all sexual minorities (Human Rights First, 2015). Homophobic discourse is widespread in Jamaican media, music, religious groups, and politics. Sexual minorities are stigmatized and denied access to social, economic, and legal services in public and private sectors and are subjected to societal and…

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  • Amicus Curiae Case

    Roman law was the legal system of ancient Rome. After a few centuries, British law was incorporated into the Roman law legal system, which then had other common law systems following alongside it. One of the most popular systems that use it is international law. During this time period, many cases concerning human rights had to call upon an amicus curia. The popularity of amicus curiae continued to spread across the courts of many lands, where it finally found a place in the civil law systems.…

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  • Indigenous Peoples Rights

    Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples The articles titled “The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” published by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs addresses the goals and functions of this declaration. It recognizes many of the basic human rights and freedoms of the indigenous peoples. These rights include self-determination, inalienable right to ownership, control of land, and maintaining their own political, religious, cultural, and educational…

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  • Berta Caceres, Indigenous Activism: Article Analysis

    presents the murder of prestigious Goldman Environment Prize winner Berta Caceres. She was an activist protesting against the construction of the Agua Zarea Dam along the Gaulcarque River. She was fighting for the rights of the Lenca indigenous people’s right because the river was holy to her Lenca people (Malkin, 2016). She was working based on a Human Rights organization of Honduras. The construction company gave many threats and killed other members of that activist organization, but she did…

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  • Fulgencio Batista's Cuba-The Era Of Independence

    States President at the time Roosevelt. Holding interest on the Good Neighbor Policy that would improve relations and to repeal the Platt Amendment (Weeks 85). The Good Neighbor Policy would remove American troops from foreign nations so that it may improve relations between the nations…

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  • The Importance Of Monarchy In The United States

    A never ending battle against monarchy was the foundation of the history of antebellum United States. The idolization of republicanism by the American people especially in the Era of Good Feelings succeeding the War of 1812 was fuel for the intense fear of emotional and political hegemony. In the early 1800s, monarchy was extremely common, specifically in the superpowers of Europe. These superpowers included the Spanish and Portuguese Empires that ruled over various Latin American colonies.…

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  • Delinquency In Haiti

    Part One: Current State of Juvenile Delinquents in Haiti Disappointing, that William O’Neill, a human rights lawyer who ran the legal department of the first United Nations mission in 1993 said pretrial detention has never been a priority of the Haitian government. (Juevinille Justice, Accessed 7/28/2016) This is a flaw in the overall justice system in Haiti. However, for Haitian youth affected by this bad judgment, it can prove to have longer lasting negative effects on Haitians in the…

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