The Ineffectiveness Of The United Nations Human Rights Committee

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The United Nations Human Rights Committee was founded to be an international front to combat human rights violations across the world. However, the effectiveness of its presence in international law is debatable. To understand its effectiveness Human Rights must be defined. Human Rights are “Rights possessed by humans, the set of entitlements held to belong to every person as a condition of being human.”. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the best definition as rights that belong to every person, because they are a person. That means that rights that are available to some are applicable to all, without delay, without objection. This is not the case with the Human Rights Committee. They lack the power necessary to enforce their findings upon …show more content…
This paper will show that The United Nations Human Rights Committee is an ineffective institute that has no active impact upon international law.
Firstly, to grasp the scope of how ineffective the United Nations Human Rights Committee is, one must turn to the number of complaints and the views rendered on them. In 2006, from the 20 years of its existence 765 complaints were registered, of those only 263 views were decided in 199 cases. Of those, a further 15 percent have had the views acted upon by the applicant. This is a primary piece of evidence displaying the ineffectual nature of the Human Rights Committee. The committee was formed in an effort to allow individuals to come forward and file claims against human rights abuse, yet here is displayed evidence that out of the two billion individuals who could call on the state merely 765 complaints have been registered. Taking a look at the 15 percent statistic is in itself failure. Students across the world are graded upon a scale where a pass is 50 percent, here we have an international body that has only 15 percent of its recommendations in effect. The reasoning for the ineffective
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The only way for a foreign body to ever properly function is to have an independent process in which it can supply its own funding, research, structure, and punishments. The Human Rights Committee has none of the aforementioned. Possibly the most undermining of these is “One of the many gaps in the United Nations human rights system is that the United Nations has no general human rights fact-finding capacity. Expect in special cases, The United Nations relies on information supplied by non-governmental organizations.”. The result of this could often be results that are not accurate and potentially tampered with. To claim to be an international governing body but have no way of independently conducting and under going research and fact finding missions is unacceptable and takes power away from its ability to be taken as a functioning body. The Human Rights Commission’s reports are used by the Committee however these reports are described as “ inadequate”

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