Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

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  • International Norm: Rights Of Indigenous People

    International Norm: Rights of Indigenous People 1. Introduction More than 370 million people in over 90 countries (representing 5,000 different cultures) identify as indigenous people. They comprise 5% of the global population, and 15% of the world’s poor. Still, some countries deny the existence of indigenous peoples within their territory or argue that “all their citizens are indigenous“ (Dahl 5). Some groups of indigenous people are so small that their languages and cultures are…

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  • The Civil Service System

    evolution of this system and its relevance today. The civil service system is often referred to a personnel administration or, a better-known term; human resources. Merriam –Webster’s dictionary defines personnel administration as the phase of management concerned with the engagement and effective utilization of manpower to obtain optimum efficiency of human resources. What we know as…

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  • Ethical Issues In Anthropology

    Part One: Information on human kinds past, present, and future have always been important for us to try and understand why we’re here and how we got here. Starting with the past, anthropology is the study of human kind, as well as the study of evolution. This is the discipline that is responsible for finding Lucy, our oldest known ancestor, and actually, the social scientist that found Lucy was Mary Leakey, the wife of Louis Leakey, who was also a social scientist, and as a result they made…

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  • Life Sentence

    No Child Should Have a Life Sentence in Prison 14-year-old Kenneth Young received four life sentences in prison. He was convinced and forced to participate in assisting a 24-year-old male rob a convenience store. Kenneth was not a primary participant in this doing; he was only the second man and wasn’t in contact with victims or even within the general area of where the money was. He was the one to take care of getting the tape out of the recorder. Kenneth was only 14-years-old, meaning he was…

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  • What Are The Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles

    complicated national relations within the European continent bonded by variety kinds of alliance treaties. Accompanying with more and more countries joining in the conflict, it had gradually led to one of the most destructive and violent wars in the human history. It is estimated that approximately 8 million people including civilians…

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  • Global Issues In France

    Introduction Did you know that in France you can marry someone who is deceased? Or that in 1915, the French army was the first militia to use camouflage? Were you aware that the first every artificial heart and face transplant occurred in France? The country of France is filled with many intriguing facts. France is said to be a Western European country. Since the beginning, France has displayed that it is a dominant country. In 1792, France was turned from a kingdom into a republic due to the…

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  • Solitary Confinement In Alcatraz Prison

    Solitary Confinement can be defined as being the physical isolation of individuals who are confined to their cells for twenty-two to twenty-four hours a day. Within countless jurisdictions, prisoners are allowed out of their cells for only one hour of solitary exercise. Prisoners are only subjected to routine visits from members of the prison staff, while meaningful contact with other people is typically reduced to the bare minimum. This reduction in stimuli is not only on the grounds of…

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  • Analysis Of Savages By Joe Kane

    along on the journey. The themes that I noted in Kane’s book were humor, history, conflict, hardships, and loss/destruction. In the “Prologue,” Kane discusses Moi’s travels to Washington D.C. to deliver his testimony before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Kane, p. 5). In addition, Moi had written a letter for the U.S. President in which he invited him to visit the Huaorani and explain to them why the U.S. “was trying to destroy them” (Kane, 4). Furthermore, the first part of the…

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  • Autism Knowledge Questionnaire

    neurodevelopmental disorder which is associated with social skills, communication and behavioural impairments. Persons with ASD must exhibit social communication deficits and restricted and repetitive behaviour, which would be assessed on a severity ranking (American Psychological Association, 2013). The rate of autism has grown dramatically during the last decade and is becoming more widespread worldwide. In 2012, the Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) reported an estimated a 79%…

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  • Goldcorp Inc Case Study

    companies need to be held accountable for their actions when standards overseas. A coordinator for the Halifax Initiative Coalition names Fraser Reilly-King said in the article that there have been many Canadian extractive companies accused of human rights abuse and environmental damage in over 30 countries, but the reality is that most host governments and the mining companies have only cared about the investors. Therefore Canadian firms need to take into account the effects that they may cause…

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