Intentional infliction of emotional distress

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  • Case Study: Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress

    INTENTIONAL TORT ACTIONS DOLLY COULD BRING AGAINST CARL Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (p. 140). Dolly could show that: 1. Carl committed an act of extreme or outrageous conduct by lying to the human resources manager to get her fired; 2. He intended to cause her severe emotional distress by purposefully lying to the H.R. manager; 3. She suffered from severe emotional distress from being fired as a result of Carl’s false statements; and 4. Carl’s false statements were the cause of her termination (but for Carl lying to the H.R. manager, she would still have her job, p. 145). Defamation – Slander (p. 514): 1. Oral defamatory statement was made by Carl; 2. It was about her; 3. Publication of the statement to a third person (by intentionally…

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  • Shawn Kemp's Case: Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress

    I. Introduction Our client, Shawn Kemp (“Kemp”) has filed suit against Janice Matier (“Janice”) alleging Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (“IIED”). The suit is based on Janice’s unauthorized posting of our client’s personal information through the use of social media with a caption that posted GPS coordinates of Kemps house. Kemp alleges Janice’s Twitter post has caused him IIED. Janice’s conduct was not extreme and outrageous when she posted the picture, because her conduct was not…

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  • Case Study: The Sherry Springer Show

    Ann Smith is suing Ginny Jones for intentional infliction of emotional distress for purposely revealing personal secrets about her on national television. In addition, Suzy Anne is suing the owner and producer of WSLZ for negligence to protect her from being assaulted by Ginny Jones. This brief will only focus on whether Ginny Jones’s behavior was extreme and outrageous and whether, under the totality of the circumstances, the criminal attack by Ginny Jones was foreseeable, thereby establishing…

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  • Analysis Of Jhumpa Lahiri's Short Story Of Hell-Heaven

    Usha demonstrates physical harm in her mother when she almost harms herself: “… she had gone through the house, gathering up all the safety pins that lurked in drawers and tins and adding them to the few fastened to her bracelets. When she’d found enough, she pinned to her sari one by one, attaching the front piece to the layer of material underneath, so that no one would be able to pull the garnet off her body” (82). It is very clear what Aparna intends to do; it is the lowest state emotionally…

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  • Little Lucky Case Study

    I was asked to research and prepare a memorandum of law on whether Little Lucky, a minor can bring a multiple cause suit against the Jackson brothers for wrongful death, negligent infliction of mental distress and intentional infliction of mental distress? Facts On Friday night around 11 p.m., Bo, Ro, and Kno Jackson robbed the Wild Wings. As they were leaving the owner Burt Lucky came through the door trying to stop the robbery. The Jackson brothers ran passed Burt to get to the exit, they…

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  • Doe V. Burd Case Study

    In Pennsylvania, a plaintiff claiming negligent infliction of emotional distress must establish one of these four situations: “1) that the defendant had a contractual or fiduciary duty; 2) plaintiff suffered a physical impact; 3) plaintiff was in a “zone of danger” and at risk of an immediate physical injury; or 4) plaintiff had a contemporaneous perception of tortious injury to a close relative.” Doe v. Phila. Cmty. Health Alternatives AIDS Task Force, 754 A.2d 25, 27 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2000). The…

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  • Katzenbach V Grant Case Study

    against Defendant Grant over a film and book rights. Grant owns a website called “thenightexposed” ( The Plaintiffs claim that Grant caused problems with negotiations with Sony Pictures and the USA Network. Plaintiff further claims that Grant sent a letter calling Osuna book a fake and made other defamatory articulations about the Plaintiffs on his website. Issues: 1. Does the court have jurisdiction over the Defendant? 2. Should Grant’s Motion to Dismiss for…

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  • Court Case Study: The Rise Of Depression In School

    This humiliation cause emotional breakdown that increased the mental and physical illnesses. Kristen’s mother brought action on behalf of her daughter by filing a case against Rose, Principal Cohen, and Fairfax County School Board under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and intentional infliction of emotional distress under Virginia law. As I summarized the background of this case, we should know that depression is one of the most common yet under-identified mental health problems…

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  • Hotel Case: Blud Vs. Bethany Hotel Decision

    herpes along passing it onto Doe. This situation or case can be applied in the same concept when it comes to be negligent of not disclosing the fact that committing an act could put themselves at risk for harm or danger to their physical well-being. It was noted that recklessness was found on the Plaintiff’s part due to their extreme lack of care of being the responsible party in informing his Girlfriend he had herpes and how this applies in Blud vs Bethany Hotel would be that the hotel was both…

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  • Snyder V. Phelps, 09-751 S. P.

    New Hampshire, and contends with speech that is not protected under the First Amendment that would make another commit a violent act [9]. Although, the Statue only prohibits the face-to-face speech that is likely to interrupt peace and cause violence such as obscenities, threats, and profanity.[10] The passage is classified as speech that is an unnecessary expressions of ideas that lacks social value and words that verbally assaults and inflict emotional distress toward an individual (not a…

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