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  • Odysseus Leader Analysis

    What are the qualities a successful, effective leader should possess? Respect. Skill. Bravery. In the epic poem, ¨The Odyssey¨, written by Homer, Odysseus, the main character, proves himself to possess all the qualities of a successful leader. Throughout the journey home from Troy, Odysseus shows that he cares for his crew, and they build a strong emotional connection. Each trial brings new problems, yet he continues to encourage and help them throughout it all. A successful leader cares for,…

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  • Thesis Of The Cold War By John Lewis Gaddis

    The Cold War by John Lewis Gaddis John Gaddis puts a very interesting thesis into play on the cold war perspective. Gaddis’s thesis has the equity needed to truly understand the cold war. His thesis fearlessly states that the Soviets and the Americans are both the cause of the Cold War. The Soviets and Americans both wanted a way of life they thought was better and their was a geopolitical struggle between the two countries.Gaddis shows that the Cold War was a war of idealistic opinions and…

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  • Apple's Apology In Chin A Case Study

    People’s Republic of China in April 2013, Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook apologized to PRC customers for Apple’s warranty policy and promised to rectify any wrongs resulting from that policy. In a negotiation research study by Professor William W. Maddux of INSEAD, researchers compared reactions to apologies in the United States and in Japan. They discovered that in “collectivist cultures” such as China and Japan, an apology can be an effective negotiation tactic to relieve conflict and resolve…

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  • Annotated Bibliography On Public Relations

    Annotated Bibliography Public Relations and communication in the workplace are key elements for prosperity in any organization. This document highlights and addresses communication and public relations practices utilized in Business Communication. First, the authors examine communication in cognation to innovation and ingeniousness. Second, the suggestions that communication, and public cognations should manage to establish themselves as self-standing disciplines. Conclusively, an…

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  • The Abuse Of Illegal Drugs Should Be Treated As A Matter Of Public Health

    AFFIRMATIVE I affirm: Resolved: The abuse of illegal drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice. I define the following key terms: Treated- to act or behave toward (a person) in some specified way to consider or regard in a specified way, and deal with accordingly: 2. to consider or regard in a specified way, and deal with accordingly deal with (a disease, patient, etc.) in order to relieve or cure. ( Public health- health services…

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  • Education In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Education is a large concept discussed within Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus. However, education within the novel is not discussed in a contemporary sense, insead using it to convey the concepts of irregular education, scientific discovery, and the importance of learning about one self. Throughout Frankenstein education is discussed in a variety of sense mainly in the forms of differing self learning and the use of self-learning to propel yourself forward.…

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  • The Blue Ocean Strategy By Chan Kim And Renee Mauborgne

    Main Concept In the Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, they discuss the concept of “blue oceans”. A blue ocean is created when an organization decides they don’t want to compete with other organizations in the same market. So they create a new market where there is no competition. Then markets that have competition are called “red oceans”. Red oceans are the markets that have a lot of competition, there’s nothing really special about them. During a ten year study of 108…

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  • Bernie Sanders: When We Stand Together For Justice

    Bernie sanders has a lot of people on his side including republicans, women, LGTB, millennials, and minorities. Bernie sanders has been fighting for millennials and minorities since the beginning. According to Bernie Sanders himself "When we stand together, we will always win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win. When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win. When straight and gay people stand together for justice, we win. When working families stand…

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  • Cell Phones In The Classroom: Tool Or Distraction

    Cell phones in the Classroom: Tool or Distraction? Teaching at an urban school is already a difficult task, but to teach at a low-income urban school is another task to take on. Mrs. Kenny has been teaching Science to sophomore students for 5 years now and she could not be more passionate about her job and students. It has always been Mrs. Kenny’s first priority to do anything she can to adapt to every student in the classroom so that it can further help them in their learning. She is a firm…

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  • Cross Border Valuation Case Study

    Since then twenty new accounting standards were issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation aiming to align accounting practices with IFRS. Despite these efforts essential differences between national accounting standards and IFRS remain. Since 2004 all commercial banks have been obliged to prepare financial statements in accordance with both national accounting standards and IFRS. Full transition to IFRS is delayed and is expected to take place from 2011. Singapore: In…

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