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  • Socialization Agents

    Socialization The following socialization agents have contributed to my social development: family, nature, nurture, gender socialization, school, peer groups, and mass media. Family has contributed a lot to who I am today. Family has shown me how to behave in public and how to behave at home. It always has shaped my personality. I grew up in a home where my mother didn’t really take care of me and my siblings. I had to mature much quicker than other children and learn how to take care of…

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  • The Shining Movie Analysis

    as a horror film by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. The summary of the film is of a family that heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future. Kubrick takes the study called phenomenology, which is the development of human consciousness and self-awareness as a preface to or a part of philosophy to the big-screen. The Shining camera motion mimics this film…

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  • Post 9/11 Horror Films Analysis

    released in 2010 was originally advertised as an exotic science fiction horror film based on an alien invasion in Mexico and on first inspection the relation between America and Mexican immigration seems obvious. However, analyzing the film from a global perspective shows the correlation between 9/11 and the alien invasion. In Wetmore’s book “Post-9/11 Horror in American Cinema”, he discusses the trend for post-9/11 horror films featuring extraterrestrials to recreate the invasion and…

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  • How Did George Romero Create Zombie Films?

    George a Romero the father of horror movies the gift and the mining created a creature that was terrible who witnessed it,the zombie. The movie franchise made everyone fear the dead, This 75 year old man created a masterpiece a long lasting legacy that impact everyone who experiences his creation. I I think that he created the zombie movies because he wanted to explore our fears and make everyone to be afraid of zombies.With His creation of the zombie movie made a pandemic of the whole thing…

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  • Comparison Of God Bless Amerika And A Party Down At The Square

    racism is alive and painful giving the audience a bleak look at American life. He speaks of the corruption and his personal fear of unjust and unethical treatment by others simply due to his skin color. George Romero directed the modern zombie horror film “Night of the Living Dead”, the main character is a Black…

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  • When People Speak Analysis

    T If there is one thing in this world that I just can say that I absolutely cannot stand, it would be people who talk for no reason. I understand that majority of the time talking is your way of expressing yourself and getting through everyday life, but it irks my soul when someone just starts an irrelevant conversation about nothing for no reason. One explanation on why I don’t get along with talkative people is because sometimes when they’re getting too hype on the conversation they…

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  • The Babadook Opening Scene Analysis

    The Babadook is a truly scary horror movie from 2014 directed by Jennifer Kent. The “Babadook” is a scary boogie man that a single mother just cannot seem to shake. At one point in the film the mother, Amelia played by Essie Davis, goes to the police station because she believes someone is stalking her. She, however tells the police at the station that she burned the book and they say they cannot do anything about it because she burned the evidence. She turns and sees clothing arranged in a way…

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  • The Importance Of Tropes In Horror Movies

    try to scramble away only to be met with the eyes of your ultimate doom. …Sherlock Holmes? It’s more likely than you think. Whether one loves them for their creepiness, hates them for their cliches, or laughs at them for their silliness, tropes in horror movies are not uncommon, and one of the biggest tropes…

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  • Analysis Of My Zombie, Myself By Chuck Klosterman

    From their dead eyes to their rotting bodies, the image of the zombie has become an icon in today’s society. Surpassing other horror characters, zombies over the years have become prevalent across a multitude of medias and genres. Although these brain-eating creatures are a work of fiction, author Chuck Klosterman argues that the life of the zombie apocalypse does not stray as far away from today’s society as some would think. Through his essay, My Zombie, Myself, Klosterman discusses the…

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  • Essay On Zombie Mania

    years with new and old characters and new zombies. Not only have new movies been made and old continued, but recent movies have put historical figures at the forefront of this dilemma; one such movie is Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. To balance out the horror of many zombie apocalypse movies, many producers have made movies that were meant to make the apocalypse seem a bit humorous. One famous movie like this is Sean of the Dead, a movie in which the main character does not even realize there is a…

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