Personal Narrative: A Christmas Horror Film

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It's not every year we get the speical present of a Christmas Horror Film, but when we do I get extremly excited. For Christmas Horror films are my favorite. Krampus is easily a classic tale of fear as well as not believing that those who lose faith, will meet Krampus the ancient evil shawdow of Saint. Nick
Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la, tis the season it's Christmas time! As our Story begins just a few days from the festive holiday of Christmas, as one family plans there next 3 days with family. Sarah (Toni Collette), Tom (Adam Scott) have everything ready for Christmas, it's like Martha Stewart came in to decorate. Linda(Allison Tolman) and Howard (David Koechner) bring the family as everyone celebrates the Holiday together. Yet when Max (Emjay Anthony) butts heads with his cousins, ultimatly making Max turn his back on Christmas. Unleashing the ancient demonic
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The costumes in Krampus were spectacular, I got the chills from the creatures that were lurking outside. Krampus himself was terrifying in his ways very detailed, I was covering my eyes in some scenes because of fear. Every creature in this movie was detailed to delightful style, that reminded me of those classic 1980's horror films. Which had the scariest scenes that got me curled up in my seat. The cinematography was totally wicked, it's spectacular to me when Christmas Horror movies, surround everything heavy snow into the film, such as 'Storm of the Century'. Acting was great, I always like to see Toni Collette doing something out of her rhelm as well as Adam Scott. Krista Stadler had me though, I was very much into her character and history in the film. So remember if you never lose your faith in Santa, or KRAMPUS will come to punish you for not

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