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  • Gender Roles In The Awakening

    existed. Through The Awakening, we are exposed to gender portrayals and roles that are typically found in horror films. A slight reversal of traditional gender portrayals in horror movies is displayed in Cathcart, but when faced with fear itself, everyone is subject to being overwhelmed with fright regardless of gender. Traditional gender roles were present…

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  • The Witch Movie Review Essay

    For the better part of a year, The Witch was receiving universal praise on the indie circuit – thanks to positive reviews coming from Sundance and the Toronto film festival. As such, the momentum granted the film a wide theatrical release – when normally, such a low-budget production would find itself skipping straight to streaming, on-demand markets. And, perhaps that would have been best for everyone… In The Witch, written and directed by newcomer, Robert Eggers, Anya Tyalor-Joy stars as…

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  • Literary Devices Used In Literature Essay

    very much an uneasy feeling in the literature, as in that of a supernatural horror movie. Films such as The Blair Witch Project will use mythical elements as part of magical realism, in trying to make the audience process mentally; what is happening in the film. Many other horror and thriller genres use magical realism and especially dramatic irony as part of their themes. The old stereotype of a character in a horror film, going into a room when the audience knows there is a horrible creature…

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  • Gendered Tropes In Popular Culture: Film Analysis

    Art imitates life and life imitates art. As an art form, films surrounds society in popular culture and general daily life. What an audience sees in film would be considered to mirror how people construct themselves. Gender portrayals in the movies can often be based on continually perpetuated stereotypes and expectations of how people should act. Firstly, the two films that will be discussed in this essay come from a time where there were believed to be only two genders and sexes. One was…

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  • The Haunted Castle Film Analysis

    The evolution of horror spans many centuries. Starting with the Silent Films of Georges Méliès with “ The Haunted Castle” to the newest innovations in horror such as Unfriended. In the late 1800’s something like The Haunted Castle was horrifying, but not at all by today 's standards. Our perception of horror has changed over the years with how our lives have changed drastically. We went from handmade products to factory style production, from horse and buggy to Formula One Racing. Our…

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  • Horror And German Expressionism

    The horror genre has evolved drastically over time. When one mentions horror today, they might imagine the screams of poor teenagers as all their guts are ripped from their bodies, or the unsettling tension created by the knowledge that evil lurks around characters that are oblivious. Over the years, horror has had to keep audiences on their toes and switch up their scaring tactics to kept the adrenaline pumping. But is the horror film dependent on the scares it provides, or the topic within the…

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  • Pan's Labyrinth Analysis

    “real world” in the plot of this film. The depiction of real life as a more dangerous environment is another major problem with the escapist theme of Pan’s Labyrinth. Ofelia’s intersecting experiences between the Spanish Civil War and the Underworld define similar dangers that Ofelia must face as a child. Franco's Civil War was certainly a horrific event in Spanish history, yet the premise of escaping reality is not…

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  • Building Tension In Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

    Building Tension in The Shining by Tyler Johnson Chesapeake College The Shining (1980) is a horror-drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, The Shining is about a family who takes residence in a secluded hotel for the winter during its off season. The hotel is home to evil spirits that manipulate the father, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), into a violent state. His psychic son (Danny Lloyd)…

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  • Creative Writing: The Creature From The Black Lagoon

    imagined it crawling out of our neighbor’s dark-water irrigation pond, staggering into our backyard, scratching a hole in my bedroom wall with its barbed-wire claws and snatching me while I slept. Of course, I had an excuse; I had never seen a horror film before. Even Old Yeller terrified me when the lovable golden retriever was mercy-killed after his encounter with a rabid wolf. OK, so I frightened easily when I was young. I had no excuse today. 60-year-old men are not supposed…

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  • Essay On Night Of The Living Dead

    traced back to one film that changed the landscape of horror films to come after it. George Romero’s 1968 independent black and white classic film, Night of the Living Dead, shocked the American public with a level of violence and gore that had previously never been seen in films. It created a divide between people who both loved it and hated it, but since its release, Night of the Living Dead has become touted as the film that revived and renewed the zombie genre. In addition, this film…

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