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  • How Do Horror Films Affect Adults

    Horror films are cherished throughout the world. The thrill and adrenaline rush horror films provide cause audiences to scream at the edge of their seats. Watching frightening motion pictures, for entertainment, is quite acceptable, provided you do not emphasize the situation depicted in what you are watching. There are a lot of cases in which the terrifying scenes may affect individuals mentally and physically. It can often produce uneasiness, restlessness, fear, and mental trauma that may…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Horror Films

    It is 2016: advancements are endless, especially when it comes to horror films. Think of the famous 1897 horror film Dracula; the blood that looked like blobs of ketchup, the large amounts of makeup on the actors, it all seems so fake now. With advancements in technology producers are able to create horror films with undeniable visual effects. Better visual effects increase the activity in the brain while watching these chilling films. In 2011, American Neuroscientist Christof Koch studied the…

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  • The Sinners Of Hell: J-Horror Film Analysis

    Japanese films such as "The Mansion of the Ghost Cat" (Borei Kaibyo Yashiki - 1958), "Lady Vampire" (Onna kyûketsuki - 1959), and "The Sinners of Hell" (Jigoku - 1960) are all examples of Japanese Kaiki films that existed prior to the popularization of the J-horror genre both in Japan and in other countries. Kaiki films can be considered as the main inspiration behind the present-day Japanese horror films and could even be considered as the impetus behind the continued development of this niche…

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  • Similarities Between Science Fiction And Modern Horror Films

    fiction and horror they seem so different, yet share so many similarities. Science fiction obeys the natural laws of the universe, but horror creates its own set of supernatural laws. The horror genre creates terror while the Sci-Fi genre creates a sense of wonder. But both genres are so much alike and are separated by their own periods of time. The film industry uses these periods of time to create different classics for each genre. There is a big contrast between classic and modern horror…

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  • Six Characteristics Of The Horror Film And Literature Discourse Community

    the horror film and literature discourse community. According to Swales, there are six characteristics that make up a discourse community. They are common public goals, mechanisms of intercommunication among members, participatory mechanisms to provide information and feedback, utilizing one or more genres in communication, a specific lexis, and a threshold level of members with a degree of relevant content and discourse expertise (Swales 471-473).…

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  • Coming Of Sound In Horror Films Essay

    responsibility on how film may be perceived. The change of tempo, volume and pitch may in addition indicate that the filmmaker wants to respond to these particular sounds. Illustrating an example, low pitched sounds including creaky floorboards and squeaky doors can generate a sense of mystique and uncertainty. Whereas high pitched sounds, for instance the screeching of tires or loud screams, contribute to create a sense of concern and anxiety. Sound effects are incorporated into film to…

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  • Rocky Horror Picture Show: Film Analysis

    those aspects where we see communication often is in films. There are multiple different aspects of communication found in movies. This is because movies imitate life and typical human interactions. I am going to break down several aspects of communication within two films and compare elements of culture, gender, and relationships between the movies. The first films I chose to analyze is the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This film is about a young man and woman, Brad and Janet,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Christmas Horror Film

    It's not every year we get the speical present of a Christmas Horror Film, but when we do I get extremly excited. For Christmas Horror films are my favorite. Krampus is easily a classic tale of fear as well as not believing that those who lose faith, will meet Krampus the ancient evil shawdow of Saint. Nick Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la, tis the season it's Christmas time! As our Story begins just a few days from the festive holiday of Christmas, as one family…

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  • Horror Film Stereotypes

    sexual preference. The female characters in these films can often be prone to many different social stereotypes throughout the film. These stereotypes often work to lead her towards her demise, but she ultimately resorts to masculine behaviors in order to survive in the end. Associating a particular gender with certain attributes in Slasher films is also worth taking note of. According to Adam Rockoff, “With a few exceptions, the killer in slasher films is overtly asexual, aside from the…

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  • The Importance Of Red Lighting In Horror Film

    Instead of using the red lighting typical in horror films, it uses dark, shadowed lighting with green and blue tints, an example being the scenes with the main character's mother. During these scenes, the lighting is very dark, with lots of shadows in the room, and a green tint to the light, which helps with the horror aspect of the film, which involves drowning, as it gives the feel of being underwater. This holds significance in that film due to the storyline, but I am still interested in the…

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