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  • Cult Horror Film Analysis

    is hard to define a film and place it into a certain genre. It is even harder to make a claim that the film achieved cult status. Welch Everman however provided some basic guidelines to be able to identify a cult horror film. With Everman’s proposal it gives some idea of what constitutes a cult horror film and what a cult horror film is not. Everman’s idea should be at least the basics that we use to identify a cult horror film and with them we can start to form a list of films. I believe based…

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  • Essay On Horror Films

    Horror films are designed to scare and disgust viewers with evil characters, plots and events that can range from realistic to completely supernatural. Nobody will ever really understand why people would prefer to put on a horror DVD rather than a nice, relaxing comedy that won't make you jump out of your seat. However, the horror genre has been around for years with classics from Dracula and Frankenstein to modern day versions such as The Hills Have Eyes and The Ring. A horror DVD is the top…

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  • The Commodity Of Horror Film

    Following this demonstration of continued popularity, Rafter (2007) argues that film plays a key role in informing, perceiving and understanding various components of criminality. Therefore, research using films should be deemed as a salient feature within criminology. When discussing film and its impact on audiences, Shonfield's (2000) research on film usage is advantageous. She explains that when audiences watch a film, they are able to temporarily pause their personal cynicism and allows…

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  • Postmodern Horror Film Analysis

    Postmodern horror films became relevant to the public eye sometime after the 1960’s, these films exhibit a lot less conventional ideas that weren't necessarily shown in classic horror films. Overtime post modern horror has become more visually graphic due to the higher tolerance for violence that has relatively been acquired, this is caused by the frequent exposure of violence , either it being from television programs and movies, to games and, wars, it has been an unavoidable sight Brandon,…

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  • American Horror Film Analysis

    action, emotion and meaning,” (Woodward, 4). The truth of the American horror film. To better understand western culture and the connection between the object and the human. This connection is linked between western ideologies. These films draw on western cultures deepest fears and vulnerabilities. This is cleverly done over a period of time. Using advancing technologies and the audiences’ desires of the time frame. Horror films broadcast humans own western experiences and values. William…

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  • Women In Horror Films

    It’s no secret that the horror genre has often been criticized for the over-sexualization of female characters. For the last 30 years, film critics and the general public alike have been criticized the ways in which the female characters are depicted in horror films as either the stereotypical virgin or the nymphomaniac sex kitten. The virgin girl notably lives, while the deviant sex kitten ultimately suffers a brutal, yet seemingly deserved death. This strange dichotomy has not so subtle…

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  • Science Fiction And Horror Film Analysis

    have a large impact on film. This can be seen most clearly in Science Fiction and Horror Films. Films are often based on real-life events, or in some cases, fears. Two examples of this are Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Cold War and fear of the spread of Communism led to the creation of films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre were both based on the crimes of Ed Gein. Some common themes in these films are paranoia,…

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  • Special Effects In Horror Film Analysis

    Effectiveness of special effects in horror Special effects have been around for quite some time now, and they have been used in many different ways. In horror, special effects serve various purposes. Special effects in horror can show all the blood, gore, and disgusting things shown, it can be a transformation scene, or sometimes simply effects done with a camera and no other outside work. These effects add entertainment and understanding to the workings of the story. It adds to the story, but…

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  • Amityville Horror Film Analysis

    identified that induce fear and portals of fear around the world. Fear can be represented in media is a number of different ways. An example being horror films that provide an externalization of fears through echoic and iconic sensory stimuli, regardless of the realism of the potential threat being portrayed in the film. Horror movies such as “the Amityville horror” based on the mass murders in 1974. Use realistic events that have occurred to portray a more dramatic and frighting story. This…

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  • Low Budget Horror Film Analysis

    Join the ranks of horror legends John Carpenter, George Romero, Eli Roth, and David Cronenberg who all got their start by writing, directing, and producing low budget horror movies. Low budget horror movies are some of the most sought after scripts in Hollywood. These types of films have a built in fan base and are generally considered to be a low risk investment compared to high concept action movies or dramatic period pieces. Think about movies like Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch…

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