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  • Why I Hate Horror Movies

    who opened the door. Now I hate horror movies, for two reasons. One, I am a chicken in every sense of the word. Secondly, I can make out the plot holes like holes in swiss cheese. Plot holes are like the birth child of Justin Beiber, and Twilight, to me. In other words they are not pretty, and in fact disgust me. For example why don’t they just run away, instead of going in the creepy basement that an individual disappeared in. There is also the stereotypical horror movie characters, the jock,…

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  • Horror Essay: Halloween Horror: The Horror Of Halloween

    Halloween Horror It was a dark, windy evening with a full moon on Lincoln Street. Many peoples ' houses were terrified. They decorate their house with orange pumpkins, dark skeleton, fake dead bodies and blood on the stairs, legs that was cut, and many creepy witches. The house very fabulous. As I walk down the street I saw Jimmy and Charlie. Jimmy was dressed as a clown. Charlie was dressed as a cat with some fake color blood. Jimmy and Charlie were staring at me. Hahahaha! They…

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  • Milton And Frankenstein Comparison

    From blockbuster Hollywood movies to parodies on the internet, the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is commonly portrayed as a “monster”, but is this accusation really true? The creator of the creature, Victor Frankenstein may have more in common with the “monster” than previously thought. Through careful evaluation, we can see the many similarities and differences between the two main characters in the story. In Frankenstein, the similarities between the creature and its creator,…

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  • World War Z Book Report

    World War Z: Consequences of International Affairs In the book “World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War”, by Max Brooks, the narrator takes the readers through a journey of interviews. The interviews consist of survivors during the zombie war telling their story and tales of how zombies came to take over the world. The lessons we learn from these people and their interactions reveal different commentaries that Brooks tries to show his readers. In the book, these interviews come from all…

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  • The Vampire Diaries Movie Analysis

    RAMOS, PATRICIA R61 153486 LIT13 Saved by Nonconformity Twilight. The Vampire Diaries. These are two examples that prove the rise of the glossed-over vampire series of the new generation. Vampires are no longer characterized by pointy teeth and bloodlust, but romanticized to the point that they even become love interests. However in Resureksyon, they broke off from these clichés; and amidst the unclear plotline, unnecessary effects, and underwhelming characters, perhaps that…

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  • A Critique Of Zombies By Chuck Klosterman

    Christian Carter Essay 1: Critique ENG 102-C781 Caroline Mayes-Cooper September 19, 2017 A Critique of Zombies Zombies! Wait, what is a zombie? A zombie is a person who appears lifeless and without responsiveness to their surroundings. However, per Chuck Klosterman, we are all zombies. Every partaker in modern life is either a zombie or already well on the way to becoming one. Chuck Klosterman is a prolific author, essayist, and pop culture critic. Throughout his career, he has written for…

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  • 'The Undead Gourmet': Article Analysis

    John Derrick 9/13/17 PHIL 2329 Prof. Ursery Brains or No Brains: A Zombie Issue For my article to review I selected Dr. Brendan Riley’s “The Undead Gourmet”. He asks the question “is it okay to kill a zombie just because it wants to eat you?” Throughout this article he portrays his main point to the reader that when one understands ones reason for their actions they understand the thought process of that person (or zombie). He goes on to try and convince us that killing a zombie is highly based…

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  • Zombie Argument Against Physicalism

    Zombie argument against physicalism Within the academic realm of philosophy, it is understood that zombies are more or less, imaginary creatures, and their main purpose is to shed light on many problems that philosophy aims to investigate. Needless to say, these unsolved issues are primarily related to consciousness, as well as its relation to our physical world. Compared with those in magic or movies, zombies are just like humans in every material aspect but without conscious experiments.…

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  • Book Summary: Minecraft Zombie

    This story is about a minecraft zombie that goes back to school called Scare School. His teacher is very hard on the students. Zombie signed up for a mod creating class to hack his way through a scare exam. Zombie had a friend named Steve and a ghoulfriend named Sally. Zombie was going to cheat on the test- so he did with some other kids. He told them the next day probably that he didn’t want to cheat but they said no. Soon when it was time for the scare exam he took a picture of himself to show…

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  • Monster In Frankenstein

    people but they are also called monsters. So what is a monster? As we can see, monsters could be so different in various ways such as their appearances, behaviors and personalities. But one thing that is worth to note is that monsters mostly appear in horror stories, tragedies and our nightmares. It possibly implies that monsters all share some special characteristics that make people feel afraid and unpleasant.…

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