The Haunted Castle Film Analysis

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The evolution of horror spans many centuries. Starting with the Silent Films of Georges Méliès with “ The Haunted Castle” to the newest innovations in horror such as Unfriended. In the late 1800’s something like The Haunted Castle was horrifying, but not at all by today 's standards. Our perception of horror has changed over the years with how our lives have changed drastically. We went from handmade products to factory style production, from horse and buggy to Formula One Racing. Our perceptions of reality have changed and horror has evolved to adapt to our new mindsets.

In the late 1800s technology was starting to speed up, early automobiles and “flying machines” were being produced. Early motion picture devices such as the kinetoscope and
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The film stars Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley. It features an extraterrestrial with the ability to transform into anything it desires. This alien wreaks havoc on a research station in the Antarctic. The goal of the protagonists in the film is to prevent The Thing from reaching populated areas of the world. If The Thing were to infiltrate a busy city, that would spell human extinction. There is a series of battles where the researchers one by one try their hand at taking down the alien. Each attempt is futile and eventually the base is blown up in a last ditch effort. The outcome is dismal and leaves the audience questioning if The Thing became one of the surviving members. This movie provides more questions than answers. In the weeks surrounding the release of The Thing, it received mixed reviews. As the years went on, the movie was highly raved about in the horror community. One critic, J.C Macek, expressed, "The true beauty of The Thing is that it remains a challenging mystery throughout its 109 minute runtime...the real scares come from what we don 't know or can 't quite see." The Thing contributes to the theme of horror evolving through the ages because it introduces the audience to a new age “threat.” The thought of aliens blending in as humans is more terrifying than the easily identifiable monsters of the early 1900’s. This movie teaches the audience to be afraid of the

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