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  • Marxism And History Christopher Hill Summary

    In “Marxism and History” by Christopher Hill, Hill begins his article with the assertion that Marxism has influenced history more than any other branch of knowledge. Hill offers six points to describe how the ideas of Marx have transformed history and historians in the (then) 100 years since the creation of The Communist Manifesto. By analyzing these six points laid out by Hill, one can come to understand Marx’s legacy for historically understanding social class and economy. First and foremost,…

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  • The Abolition Of Slavery In The 19th Century

    In 1944, Eric Williams published Capitalism and Slavery and forever changed the historiography of abolition, capitalism and slavery. His publication was an attempt to redefine the slave trade influences on the British Industrial Revolution and to challenge the traditional influences for the abolishment of slavery. For the first time since…

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  • Saul Friedländer: Holocaust Analysis

    contributing to Holocaust historiography. With its strength of appealing to both academic and layman, Friedländer’s cumulative Volume offers a powerful educational and emotional tool to understanding Shoah remembrance and…

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  • Summary Of The Invasion Of America By Francis Jennings

    narrative is recycled over time and told over and over again despite it often being false. Historians like Francis Jennings and Michael Witgen use their scholarship research to combat a false representation of Native Americans in history. Using historiography, these two authors, like many others, look to disprove what's been circulating. Positives and weaknesses aside, their work serves to illustrate strong examples of a survey of their field during the 1970s and the late 2000s. Over time, the…

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  • Summary Of The Transsexual Phenomenon

    The narratives of transgender, transsexual, cross-dressing, and female impersonating individuals have been left out of the historiography of the civil rights movement and the LGBT movement. The first to write about individuals outside of normative gender binaries were medical professionals in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century.…

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  • South Asian Migration

    Questioning Identity: Examining the Historiography of South Asian Immigrants The historiography on South Asian immigration to the United States needs to be further developed because it is extremely under-developed. While the story of their immigration to America does not follow the popular narrative of other American-bound immigrants, in which most came to straight to the United States and settled, there is no excuse for their historiography and all its unique facets remaining unexplored. The…

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  • Summary: Dramaturgical Analysis

    We understand embodied historiography to be an evolving fusion of methodologies from oral and public history, theatre, and new media technologies developed specifically within this project. Individually, I am writing this analysis from the perspective of a humanities-grounded collaborator…

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  • Christopher Columbus A Hero Or Villain Essay

    The image that Christopher Columbus gives to many individuals is the image of the man who ‘discovered’ the New World. His stumble onto the Americas during his Great Voyage, had a great impact on the history that was yet to come. However, many individuals question whether Christopher Columbus was a true hero or a villain. While some historians view him as a man-slaughtering villain, other individuals prefer to praise him for his help in beginning colonization in the Americas. Many of Columbus’s…

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  • The Consequences And Causes Of The Crimean War

    sources as proof for his idea I am not sure that I agree with the idea that it was only a religious war. Rather I feel that this might have been one small factor in what really caused the Crimean War. My second source and my historiography A Century of the Historiography of the Origins of the Crimean War was written by Brison D. Gooch, who is considered an authority on the Crimean War. He was a history professor at several universities throughout the United States including Institute of…

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  • African Perspective On Colonialism

    Crosby’s findings to newer and more detailed components. The New World Encyclopedia previously mentioned, highlights the illnesses brought along with colonialists but still excludes much research left untold that might have been useful to the historiography. Nearly 10 years after Alfred Crosby’s theory has been proposed, author Soma Hewa sheds a new light on the how the medical system is affected with consideration of ECI spread of diseases to Sri Lanka. This narrative gives a geographical…

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