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  • The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Engles

    Even if one is not a firm believer in Marxist historiography, they cannot deny its usefulness in analyzing a historical situation. It is definitely true that the economic structure and government system in which a person lives with play a large role in their lives. Where they live, the laws they have to…

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  • California Woolf Essay

    In this essay I wish to discuss how Woolf brings history and fiction together in Orlando to reveal the limitations of Victorian historiography and biography. Orlando doesn’t focus on literature’s preoccupation with history but focuses on fiction’s engagement with the discipline of history itself,it illustrates the ways that narrative fiction challenges the authority of information documented by professional historical biography in the twentieth century. The perspective that I have chosen to…

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  • Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism

    Firstly, the historiography of the subject will be examined. The initial idea that large shifts in attitudes towards the supernatural resulting from the Reformation were presented by Max Weber in his work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Weber argued that the Reformation was part of some great process, where Protestantism rejected sacramental magic and instead brought about a rationalisation and intellectualisation of the world where incorporeal forces no longer existed in…

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  • The Adivasi Will Not Dance Analysis

    The Subaltern Studies project, emerged in the eighties as a strong voice for the voiceless, attempted to interrogate the Indian historiography that systematically denied the space for the Other. The Subaltern scholars' interpretation of the problematics of the "elite bourgeois" nationalist narratives not only exposed the limitations of the dominant discourse, which failed "to produce…

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  • Viking Age: A Historiographical Analysis

    Historiography can be defined as the study and interpretation of historical writing. It is “understanding how historians of the past conceived of their projects and the methods they used.” A historiographical analysis studies the history of historical writing on a variety of topics such as the Vikings. When mankind usually thinks about the Vikings, they think of strong male warriors raiding villages and sailing the seas on their long ships. In fact, “Vikings are irredeemably male in the…

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  • Minnie Dean Case Study

    myths surrounding the crimes, ultimately leaving the question of her guilt open to the reader. The most recent addition to the historiography of Minnie Dean is Sophie Davis’s dissertation looking the legality of Dean’s conviction. It is clear, that as time has progressed, the sentiment towards Dean and her crimes have softened considerably. In this way, the historiography raises the question as to why historians began to change the perspective and challenge the narrative after 90 years of…

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  • Comparing Snyder's Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler And Stalin

    Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder argues that in the geographic region that he entitles “Bloodlands”, the area between Germany and Russia, during 1933-1945 under the Stalinist and Nazi regime resulted in over 14 million deaths committed by brutal regimes. His hope in this book is to look at the two regimes and how they respectively killed so many citizens but also to give Eastern Europe the attention it has not yet received from a historical perspective and…

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  • Post Modernist Architecture

    unravel threads of lesser-know continuity between the post-war neo-avant-gardes and the post-modernists. This research will focus on a relatively well-known yet under-examined figure, Theo Crosby, to fill in the gaps and to expand the existing historiography of post-war British architecture. Crosby’s significance had been widely identified through his connections to the Independent Group, the Smithson couple and later the Archigram group. His tenure as the technical editor of the Architectural…

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  • Annotated Bibliography Summary

    Annotated Bibliography by Shannon Parker. Carr, H. Edward. What is history? (Vintage, 1967) This book is based on the George Macaulay Trevelyan lectures held in Cambridge University on January-March 1961. It is a study focusing on the questions that enshroud the pursuit of history and a Historians job. The heart of this book is the analysis of studying history, the approaches taken upon that task, and how they have changed throughout the centuries. It asks important questions, what is cause…

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  • Kjaksaan Case Study

    Understanding the Kejaksaan (Indonesian Prosecution Service/IPS) requires an inquiry into the history of, the contestation between and the political struggle within state bodies. This historical context is concerned with the extent to which the Kejaksaan has developed within the constitution and regulations. It is also concerned with how political regimes have shaped the Kejaksaan’s organisation and culture within the criminal justice system. In this chapter, I will address the Kejaksaan…

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