High intensity training

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  • Warm Up Hypothesis

    purpose of this research study is to determine the effects of a high intensity versus a low intensity warm up on oxygen deficit and performance. This study hypothesized that the oxygen deficit levels will decrease with a high intensity warm up, therefore reaching steady state faster compared to a low intensity warm up. The Independent Variables are high intensity warm up versus a low intensity warm up, and the Dependent Variable are Oxygen Deficit and performance. There are also limitations such as placebo effect, inexperienced participants, unregulated schedules, and unmonitored preparations which include proper diet and sleep, and sometimes illnesses of the participant. Notable key terms are oxygen deficit, VO2 max and…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Go Back To School

    sit in for a class or two free while you check it out. Or, just take the leap and search around for a pole in your price range. There are a lot of invaluable things to be gained. What have you got to lose? Most likely, you have never heard of the Tabata Method. Luckily you have come to the right place. In this article the Tabata Method will be explained, where it comes from, and some different ways of using it. Tabata is the name of a very successful exercise scientist from Japan. Through his…

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  • Nursing Trauma Case Study

    client’s health history. Biographic Data-The client’s demographic data, should include the name, address, age, sex, marital status, occupation, religion, health care financing, and their primary care provider. Chief Complaint-The reason for the visit should be obtained and documented in the client’s own words. History of Present Illness-Find out when the symptoms started and how did they occur such as suddenly or gradually. Determine the intensity of the pain. Have the client to describe the…

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  • The Importance Of Crossfit In Fitness

    Tell people to think of trend and they might give you an answer like Kylie Jenner lip challenge or twerking. Not all trends are good and many are just people trying to fit in. A new trend that has been on a steady rise is CrossFit, but this isn’t a dance or a new lipstick. CrossFit is a workout regime that has burst onto the scene in recent years. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, basically a high intensity workout that has you constantly moving.…

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  • HIIT Workout Analysis

    leaving her house or using any equipment, Anderson has completed a full-body workout in about 20 minutes. Anderson, a BYU elementary education student from Perrysburg, Ohio, used to spend an hour doing cardio at the gym, but for the last two months, she’s done high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at her house instead. “I love feeling like a boss after only working out for 20 minutes,” Anderson said in an email. Although the workouts are relatively short, she said they feel longer because of…

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  • Peer Conflict Observation Paper

    conflict. The two observation I used were a checklist data and a field note data. Both data contained useful information to finalize my research questions: 1) what is the gender difference in peer conflict 2) what is the cause of the conflict 3) reaction to conflict 4) peer exclusion. Checklist Data During my observation, I collected a total of 14 conflicts for the one hour period I was at the ASI Children Center. The percentage of each gender group were 0% girls group, boy groups 64%, and…

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  • Netball

    specific, aerobic training is significant for netball players due the stamina required to maintain intensity throughout the course of the game. The different type of aerobic training; continuous/ uniform (A single exercise sustained for an extended period, generally at low to moderate intensity- approximately 65%-80% of an athlete's maximum heart rate), fartlek (Frequent and random…

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  • Importance Of Lifelong Routine

    achieving a lifelong routine that will give one a healthy lifestyle. The main facets of steps to creating a lifelong routine consists of first actually getting to the gym, next adjusting nutrition, then maximizing resistance training, and lastly utilizing cardio. First, getting to the gym is the hardest step, but also the most important, so get rid of all…

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  • Anaerobic Training

    Aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility need to be balanced into a variable, progressive program. Martens explains that specificity of training drills, overload of progressions, constant variation, moderation of training, and adapting to one’s individual differences offset the negative training principles of diminishing returns and reversibility which occur if the former mentioned principles are not utilized properly (Martens, 240-241). The energy systems also…

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  • Strength And Conditioning In Basketball

    Basketball is a high intensity sport that involves a player to have the speed and agility to get up and down the court as fast and as agile as possible. Strength and conditioning is a major key in the game of basketball. Strength and conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance. Strength and conditioning also help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performances. The two components that Donte is focusing…

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