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  • Sacred Spaces And Tourist Places: An Analysis

    place is the different experiences we all have had in our lives and the places where we are from. One of the similarities is that we all have a sense place, even though our places different. Picking the images for the song did not contribute to me hearing or seeing the music differently. I think one of the main reasons for this is because I have heard the song many times, so I already had those preset images in my head. It was very interesting to see my partner pick out images because he picked…

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  • Stephen Hawking: A True Hero

    Courage is the ability to do things that are more challenging and difficult than the ordinary endeavours. Out of the this, the greatest courage is risking something of value to oneself to perform a selfless action. Because life is the most valuable possession to a human being, risking that to save another person is the portrayal of true heroism. A perfect example of this is Harriet Tubman who risked her lives many times to rescue over 300 slaves. Courage is the ability to overcome the unknown,…

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  • Role Of Music In Literacy

    personal. However, there are also those that use this skill to help others. In most recent years, music has been used as a form of healing. It can aid a person both physically and mentally by helping brain development and aiding in their sense of hearing. This shows how important music is to everyone and how it gives us our role in this discourse community. Now what can one do with this knowledge?…

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  • High School Graduation Day Research Paper

    As I stood in the middle of the field hearing Dorman scream to the top of their lungs we going to state. I looked over at the sideline to see that everyone was crying. I tried my best to hold in my tears but I couldn 't they started flowing down my face. I noticed that my high school football…

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  • Personal Narrative: George The Basset Hound

    Let me introduce myself, I am George the Basset Hound and I am 44 years old (dog years that is). Today my mom Betty, and my dad Bob, are taking me on a walk to the park down the road. I heard them talking about it from across my house, but it was a little muffled due to my luxurious ears. I hear them walking down the hallway now, and I hear the sound of my leash jingling in my mom’s hand. We are walking down the side of the road now, and I hear all sorts of animals scattering in the leaves and…

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  • Active Listening Vs Passive Listening Essay

    Some skills are job-specific, meaning that they will only help somebody in a certain field. Other skills are valuable in majority of things that people do throughout the day. One of the most important skills that somebody can use in any field they work in is listening. It is essential to know the different types of listening, distractions from listening accurately, and also benefits of listening to understand why it is so important. Surprisingly, there is more to listening than it seems…

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  • Purpose Of Perception Essay

    The purpose of our senses has to do with how our brain works with our body. All the senses in our body are created from the information that goes into the brain. The deeper view on the senses is perception. It creates a much bigger picture on how we view our five sense. The way that we perceive why we do what we do is perspective. All these objectives go with what we do in our everyday lives. As a class we all experienced these senses as we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and experienced…

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  • The Importance Of Sound In Music

    Sound is integral to the world; even in a quiet space there is very rarely the complete absence of sound. Often sound is related back to the daily activities of people, cars roaring down the streets or the bustling noise of the voices of a crowd. Sound is also commonly found to be a pleasant addition to daily life through music on the radio or through the sounds of animals and nature. However, the sound in certain locations can also offer a glimpse into the context of the space and illustrate…

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  • Rhetoric Of Persuasion

    In life people communicate with one another, there are different languages and tones of speaking. While speaking to people it is key to be a good listener, this will help with persuading people into believing what is being said. There is plenty of times where people could assume they are having a conversation with someone to only find out they were not even paying attention. In-deed, there are ways to communicate along with the various tones and arguments that comes along with communication. The…

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  • Reflection On Identifying Micro-Skills

    Identifying Micro-skills All three therapists in the video demonstrated active listening. There were body clues such as leaning forward or nodding at appropriate times. The second therapist in the video also used active listening to validate the authenticity of emotion that the client was feeling. She also used her active listening skills to ask questions that delved deeper into the issues of the couple. She used active listening to guide the session by actively reflecting on what the clients…

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