Drug Court Vs Rehabilitation Essay

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Drug Court is a successful option for many addict offenders. The Drug Court program focuses on rehabilitation for the root of offenders problems. Unlike regular probation, Drug Court allows the offender to have a more focused experience in the court system. Drug Court requires the participants to test negative on a urinalysis report weekly and also to participate in AA/NA groups or other recovery self-help groups. Through Drug Court, offenders are treated with the expectation of treatment being the main goal and motivation, not punishment for the offender’s discretions (Marlowe and Meyer, 2011).

(Marlowe and Meyer, 2011) Drug Court was formed through the realization that the court system was not able to work as rehabilitation for addict offenders. The court system would punish offenders with drug related charges and frequently they would simply return to the court system after a short time of release. The court system was simply unable to address the issues and deter the addict offender from future offenses. As a result, the courts decided to work a more positive treatment system that would allow for addict offenders to receive the services necessary for their own rehabilitation in order for them to avoid future offenses (Marlowe and Meyer, 2011).

(Marlowe and Meyer, 2011) The program is set up
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The system allows for a more intensive accountability for addicts that can help them have a fresh start and accountability during their first, most vulnerable months of addiction. The judge was able to empathize with the addict offenders, but also work with them in understanding that, although times are tough, there are consequences to their actions and they must work to have more positive outcomes. Furthermore, the Drug Court system appears to help an individual to work through the recovery process by alleviating the most intense trigger: stress (Gorski and Miller,

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