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  • Roman Architecture Style

    They created modern concrete that was fast to set up and water proof. There is not a modern city today in the western world that does not use concrete. Their designs for stonework, arches, columns, and domes have been used to create some of the most important buildings throughout history around the world. Our modern way of life would not be the same without the Romans concept for sewer, water, and heated bathhouses. Romans will forever be remembered as…

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  • Summary Of St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    Murders and Massacres Paradoxically, Capone obtained the role of a peacemaker, convincing the other gangsters to lessen their violence. For two months, the violence and shooting concluded. Unfortunately, Chicago was ran by gangsters and Capone appeared beyond the reach of the law. Shortly, problems stirred between rival gangs which escalated into street violence and frequent hijackings of Capone’s whiskey transports. The biggest problem Capone faced was Frank Yale. What once was a strong…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Space Exploration

    What is out there in space? This is a question that has plagued many a generation while writing papers for school. This question still plagues students today. I’m going to discuss what I feel are the top three reasons why space exploration is still a viable and much needed program in today 's society as well as for future generations to come. The show Star Trek says, “Space is the final frontier.” Space exploration in general, as well as long term survival and the benefit of natural resources…

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  • LED Lights And Fiber Optic Trees

    conventional lighting: • Energy-efficient – 0.08 watts per LED C7 multicolor bulb (compared with 0.48 watts for an incandescent mini-light and 6.0 watts for a standard incandescent C7 bulb). • Long life span – up to 100,000 hours or more used indoors, half that outdoors, and some manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty. • Safety – no chance of combustion since the bulbs are cool to the touch, regardless of how long they are left on. • Sturdy bulbs – the epoxy lenses are…

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  • Oliver Sun Light And Dark Essay

    Oliver Twist and Amari are young individuals who live in a society that does not entirely respect them for their social status. Oliver, being raised as an orphan and Amari, coming from a small village of Africa, struggle to gain some self-control over their own lives as they are shuffled around from place to place getting exploited in every way possible. Author, Charles Dickens of Oliver Twist and Sharon Draper of Copper Sun demonstrate that when society presents obstacles with extreme injustice…

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  • Pangu And Nü Wa Summary

    INTRODUCTION Chinese mythology is very diverse just like China itself and its culture. China has different views of the creation story. Some believe that there is no myth exist and that no one can explain the world’s origin. However, this creation story of Pangu and Nü Wa is a synthesis of three stories from The Classics of Mountains and Seas, an anthology stories collected in the first century BC of Shan Hai Jing. STORY Long, long ago, the heavens and earth were still one and there was…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Impact

    Hurricane Katrina was described as "one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States" according to Kim Ann Zimmerman on livescience.com (2012). August 29, 2005 would completely change the lives of thousands of individuals and families in New Orleans, Louisiana due to impact of Hurricane Katrina. This tropical storm was categorized as a category 5 Hurricane due to the fact the damaging winds reached up to 175 miles per hour. Many people were able to evacuate before the storm became…

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  • The Importance Of Greek Baths In Ancient Rome

    The Roman Empire, during its peak, made revolutionary contributions to social, political and cultural customs of the world. Romans were known for their adaptation of other cultures, especially Greek culture, and enhancing them to create a modern society. These enhancements are present in architectural advancements of the Romans, specifically their recreation of Greek baths. Roman baths, and their changes over time, reflect the revolutionary methods of Roman construction, societal structure and…

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  • Robert Frost A Swinger Of Birches

    of broken glass to sweep away” (lines 10-12) compares the layer of ice around the tree to a crystal shell that break when the tree bend. Not only does the line enhance the image with descriptive language, the sight makes the speaker think “the inner dome of heaven had fallen” (line 13) and begins to direct the reader into an imaginative world. The shattering of the crystal barrier that once separated the earth and sky, what bounded the mind to reality away from imagination, now gone. The…

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  • Ozpin's Short Story: Pokemon Trainer

    Ten days has passed by since then and Ash-well, he was gradually making progress, learning through his mistakes and mixing in some of the lessons he had learned through meditation into his daily routine. Patience was the key to his improvement because his aura couldn’t properly flow through his body under a lot of stress, he finally realizes that. Rather than forcing his aura, he approached the matter with a cool head, reducing the stress and taking deep breaths whenever he felt frustrated.…

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