Maximiliano Hernández Martínez

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The President Of El Salvador

    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was established as president of El Salvador in 1931 after a coup overthrew the governing president, Arturo Araujo. Martinez was then chosen by army officials to preside due to his determined character and military experience; as a result, he ruled from 1931-1944. However, El Salvador’s constitution only allows a 5-year term and a same ruler cannot govern two consecutive periods. In order to extend his presidency, he passed a bill and changed the constitution to enable him to stay in power until December 31, 1944. Additionally, he held presidential elections where he was the only candidate; citizens had no other choice but to elect him as head of state. Hence, his rule is recognized as a dictatorship; the term is defined as absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control exercised by a dictator. Nonetheless, I believe Maximiliano’s dictatorship brought positive outcomes to El…

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  • Personal Narrative: Melanie Martinez Concert

    When envisioning an oversized teddy bear, an old fashioned alphabet building block set, and a jack-in-the-box that is emanating a soothing tune, one might think they are in a child’s playroom. Unexpectedly, however, these things were found during a concert; a Melanie Martinez concert. Melanie’s style and general theme of her concerts can more than often be described as possessing a whimsical, carnival, feel due to her usage of circus props, such as a carousel, and distinct carnival pop tunes.…

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  • The Ofensiva

    In February of that year, a far-right paramilitary group known as “Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez” orchestrated an attack on the central building of the Salvadoran Workers Union. A week later, right-wing armed groups attacked another prominent workers' union, in the National Worker's Union Federation. (Arnson, 2004) This caused the death of ten workers and became a highly publicized event in the war efforts. This came alongside a series of demands from the guerrillas. After far-right candidate…

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