President of El Salvador

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The President Of El Salvador

    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was established as president of El Salvador in 1931 after a coup overthrew the governing president, Arturo Araujo. Martinez was then chosen by army officials to preside due to his determined character and military experience; as a result, he ruled from 1931-1944. However, El Salvador’s constitution only allows a 5-year term and a same ruler cannot govern two consecutive periods. In order to extend his presidency, he passed a bill and changed the constitution to enable him to stay in power until December 31, 1944. Additionally, he held presidential elections where he was the only candidate; citizens had no other choice but to elect him as head of state. Hence, his rule is recognized as a dictatorship; the term is defined as absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control exercised by a dictator. Nonetheless, I believe Maximiliano’s dictatorship brought positive outcomes to El…

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  • El Salvador History

    The Conquest The history of El Salvador begins with the time period in which indigenous people resided in the country. According to Roy Boland, in Culture and Customs of El Salvador, The Spanish conquered El Salvador in 1524; the spanish found the country was divided into three states (13). The spaniards hegemonic influence finally converted El Salvador into a Spanish colony after twenty six years of indigenous resistance(Boland 14). Such conquest brought violence, diseases, and poverty to the…

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  • Gangs In San Salvador

    San Salvador, El Salvador is home to over a quarter million people. But, San Salvador is also home to a huge criminal network of gang activity. These gangs are also known locally as maras or pandillas. These gangs engage in petty crimes such as such as purse snatching, robbery, taxing bus drivers and small stores in their neighborhoods, as well as small-scale drug distribution in certain parts of the city in order to fund themselves economically. In the past two decades, these gangs have not…

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  • Violence In El Salvador

    El Salvador has been overran with unequal rights and violence caused by the Civil War. The 1 United States became involved in this conflict through the struggle for human rights, democracy, and equality. During the Civil War, the U.S. sent more than $4.5 billion in aid to the Salvadoran government, and trained many Salvadoran soldiers on U.S. ground. In 1977, the U.S. voiced concerns about the frequent human right violations. The Salvadoran government renounced all aid from the U.S. El Salvador…

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  • El Salvador Research Paper

    Before Romero In many ways, El Salvador was no different than many of its South American neighbors during the 1970 's and 1980 's. The oppressive government that existed in El Salvador had much in common with the violent regimes running Argentina, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and others. Death squads, supported if not organized by the ruling governments, murdered with no fear of reprisal those they saw as enemies of the status quo. However, it was the global setting, not simply a continental…

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  • How Did The Cold War Impact El Salvador

    The Cold War took place between Russia and the United States, and Russia was trying to spread communism while the United States was trying to stop that. During the Cold War period, the communist government influenced the way that the Salvadoran government acted, known as the Domino theory, as the Salvadoran government began violating the human rights of the citizens. A civil war came out of this unequal treatment of citizens, and a peace treaty was formed twelve years later to permit this from…

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  • Importance Of Being The Founder And President Of The Culture Club

    I entered high school with the motivation of involving myself in everything I possibly could. I wanted to make meaningful contributions to society, and I wanted to inspire others. So that is what I did. I am the founder and president of the Culture Club. I have been the president of Chinese Club for the past two years, and after successfully executing the role of the Public Relations Officer my sophomore year, I am the first female president of Spanish National Honors Society. Along with my…

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  • Case Study: The Country Of Honduras

    Firms considering expansion of domestic operations into foreign countries require balanced and specific information about the international marketplace. This research examines the political economy, economic development, culture, existing trade relationships, ease of entry, and monetary considerations in the country of Honduras. Based on the research, a recommendation about the country’s attractiveness for foreign direct investment or export is made. Overview of Honduras Geography Honduras is…

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  • Nicaragua

    Nicaragua has a democratic republic and makes of four different branches of government: Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Electoral Branch, and Judicial Branch. Power in the Executive Branch is exercised by the president. The National Assembly holds power in the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court, which consists of subordinate appeals, and district and local courts. The fourth branch, the Electoral, is made up of the Supreme Electoral Council, which are responsible…

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  • Response To The Colonel's Poem

    It 's not hard to understand the plot of this poem or the language, though it can be hard to stomach the truths that it waves in your face. The image of the ears can be disturbing, but we get the full force of the message. The Americans have entered the house of a colonel in El Salvador during the civil war in the late 1970s. The Colonel captures the brutality of the people in El Salvador at the hands of the high ranking military man and uncovers the hidden inhuman treatment of the people in…

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