000 Leagues Under the Sea

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  • Jules Verne's 20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne is a classic for the ages. Its crisp details of the oceanic life and its scenes of action will leave a reader breathless. Through the eyes of Professor Aronnax, we learn about ocean life and why Captain Nemo does what he does. Our main character is Professor Aronnax. Smart and well-known around the world, he travels with his servant, Conseil to teach and lecture about the marine world. Conseil, on the other hand, is quiet, and speaks whenever he feels fit. Strangely, he only speaks in third-person, something that has irritated Professor Aronnax for a long time. Another character introduced to the reader is Ned Land. He is very fond of his harpoon gun, and is known around Canada and the U.S as the best harpooner there is. Our last important character is Captain Nemo. As described by the professor, "A disciple of Gratiolet or Engel would have read his face like an open book. I made out his prevailing qualities directly: self-confidence – because his head was well set on his shoulders, and his black eyes looked around with cold assurance; calmness -- for his skin, rather pale, showed his coolness of blood; energy -- evinced by the rapid contraction of his lofty brows; and courage -- because his deep breathing denoted power from his lungs." (Verne 47).…

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  • 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea Themes

    gatherings of giant squids, to attacks by savages, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is packed with adventure and peril. The excitement starts in the first few chapters, and continues through the entirety of the book. As the characters of Professor Aronnax, his servant by the name of Conseil, Ned Land the harpooner, and Captain Nemo traverse the seas, the book may appear childish, not something with deeper meaning or of literary merit. The fact is, the author, Jules Verne, wrote 20,000 Leagues…

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  • 20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea Essay

    Jules Verne’s realistic fiction novels use formal and complex real life vocabulary, mixed with his special and unique pieces like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Paris in the Twentieth Century that make readers truly ecstatic to read about a protagonist and their trustworthy partner go on a scientific adventure to places of the unknown, to make discoveries for mankind. His style of writing is very intriguing and adventurous. Verne’s novels have very…

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  • Captain Nemo In 20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea

    In the book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, Captain Nemo, who built a self-sustaining submarine to with the thought of abandoning humanity and never coming back. Gradually this drives him insane. In the beginning he has secluded himself from humanity and seems to dislike people, however, throughout the novel he slowly changes from a level-headed man to a broken man who is full of anguish. Aronnax watches Nemo as he slowly learns that how hiding behind technology can't solve your…

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  • Ned Land Analysis

    “It must be at least two o’clock,” replied Conseil. “How time flies on dry land!” exclaimed Ned Land with a sigh of regret. (159) It was clear that Ned Land was unhappy being aboard the Nautilus. At the end of the novel, when a mysterious ship had appeared. Ned Land was willing to die than be stuck on the Nautilus any longer. “… ‘I hope she attacks this infernal Nautilus and, if necessary, sink us!’”(405). Ned Land is willing to risk his life in order to be free from “this infernal Nautilus”…

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  • Prison Vs. Freedom In The Nautus

    companions whilst on board the Nautilus. While on a hunt for the evasive “giant narwhal,” the boat that Arronax, Counseil, and Ned Land were traveling on was struck by the Nautilus, sending all three men overboard. They are later taken into the vessel which struck them as “prisoners.” The Nautilus, which is a submarine captained by a mysterious man named Nemo, is the “prison” that is referred to throughout the novel. Aronnax’s companion Ned Land sees the Nautilus as strictly a prison, to which…

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  • The Phio War: Causes Of The Phony War

    27, 1943), the Allied succeeded in driving the Germans out of Ortona * the Canadian loss was 2300 dead * in Italy, the fighting continued until June 1944, when the Allies finally gained control of Rome—90 000 Canadians participated in the Italian campaign; 5400 lost their lives * Battle of Britain, 1940 * The Blitz * the Battle of Britain was Germany`s first defeat—major victory for Britain—prevented Germany from launching a naval invasion against the island…

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  • Treaty Of Versailles Balance Of Power

    At the end of all the fighting in World War one and the formation of the Treaty of Versailes Germany was placed under the full responsibility for the starting the war. This creation of the Treaty of Versailles had marked the start of hostility amongst the Germans. More specifically the War Guilt clause otherwise known as Articles 231 and 232 of the Versailles treaty where Germany blamed for the war and forced to pay for all the reparations. Such harsh reprimands shattered the German economy and…

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  • 1953 Iranian Coup

    giving money to Zahedi. He received $100 000 before the coup, $5 million the day after the coup, $28 million a month later and $40 million in 1954 - all to consolidate the new government and the newly-signed oil consortium deal. (Gavin, 1999) This new deal allowed five American companies one British company and one French company to extract oil in Iran, an event that the Shah heavily publicised in Iran, claiming that it was to bring huge wealth into the economy. The American part of this was…

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  • Questions On Bottled Water

    nights & weekends, & 500 text messages. Cellular Plan 2 600 minutes for $90/month Includes unlimited nights & weekends, & unlimited text messaging. Cellular Plan 3 900 minutes for $90/month Includes unlimited long distance & unlimited nights & weekends. First 200 text messages are free, $0.05/message additional. Cellular Plan 4 550 minutes for $50/month Text messages $0.1 0/message sent or received. Which of the following cellular phone plans bests fits the needs of an individual who…

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