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  • Ned Land Analysis

    Oppressed by Captain Nemo, Ned Land sought liberty. Although Nemo gave the illusion of freedom through mobility on the ship, he had the control. Unhappy living in the Nautilus, Ned Land was constantly fighting to be free. Throughout the entire novel, we see the only one making an honest effort to escape is Ned Land. Freedom is necessary to live a fulfilling life. During the initial capture, Ned Land was the most resistant. Both Aronnax and Conseil had showed little to no resistance. “Nevertheless, Ned Land, who was furious at what had happened, was giving full vent to his indignation” (51). He had even tried to escape that very day they were captured. Ned was willing to fight his way to freedom when Ned, Aronnax, and Conseil were captured by the men on the Nautilus. “‘Not in the pot!’ replied the Canadian, ‘but in the oven without a doubt! It’s dark enough here and fortunately I still have my bowie knife, and I can always see well enough to use that. The first of those bandits to lay hands on me—’” (52). When their captors had first entered the prison they had put Ned, Aronnax, and Conseil, Ned Land had “…complained vehemently at being imprisoned in violation of human rights…” (55). It becomes very obvious that Ned Land enjoys it when he is no longer in the Nautilus. When Ned, Aronnax, and Conseil were granted the ability to be on an island for a few days, Aronnax had said, “Ned Land could not contain his joy. He was like a prisoner just escaped from jail, and the thought…

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  • Hindsight Is 20/20 Analysis

    They always say “hindsight is 20/20”. Hindsight is thinking about things after it has happened and 20/20 refers to perfect vision. Thus, when someone says “hindsight is 20/20” they are usually realizing a decision they made could have been made much better. There are many Christian marriages that are created by contracts. In fact, the Church enforces a contract marriage to shun couples away from ‘shacking’. Unfortunately, the covenant aspects of marriage may or may not be shared to the…

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  • Soldier 20/20 Research Paper

    Soldier 20/20 is the plan to help adapt our Army into becoming a stronger force. Our nation has been at war for the better part of the last 20 years. We have changed as an Army and adapted in multiple ways during this time. This program is being implemented to not only continue to expand, but to also fine tune the things that have changed. Some of the variables being looked at are women being able to serve in combat positions, soldiers unfit for their current Military Occupational Specialty…

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  • Explain What Is Meant By The Phrase 'Hindsight Is 20/20'

    Madison Verschleiser Social Studies Hindsight is 20/20 The narrative of World War is one best explained by the phrase, “hindsight is 20/20”. Many countries entered World War Two believing it was in their national interest only for the end result to be significantly different than what they had expected. While the ideas of aggressive nationalism and militarism served as Germany and England’s national interest in the war, by entering the U.S hoped to have a say in the ultimate peace agreement…

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  • Butterfly Hot 20

    First came ‘Classic’, then came ’10’, now comes ‘20’. Capping off the ‘Butterfly’ game series, is Butterfly Hot 20 the pick of the bunch? Butterfly Hot 20 After the invention of the Butterfly Hot 10, Zeus Services have not stoppd there, as they clearly believe that the ‘Buttefly’ series of games has legimate franchise potential. Deciding to release the next game in the serioes under the name of Butterfly Hot 20, what players expect this new title to do is raise the stakes. Although the name of…

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  • 20 Personal Artifacts

    20 is a freshman at Western Albemarle High School in Crozet, VA. 20 is very artistic and loves to express herself. In fact, every day she expresses her love for traveling by wearing an anchor bracelet and a bracelet from Belize. Many girls wear jewelry, some fancy, some not, but I feel a girl that expresses her loves through something so small but meaningful is a very thoughtful person. She also expresses herself by sharing her life with her friends on her phone. When you’re traveling and…

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  • 20's Inventions

    Describe the new inventions of the 20’s and how they impacted society. Make connections between these products and the societal changes that have impacted our modern life today. During the 1920’s or how some may call it “The Roaring 20’s, there were many new inventions that changed the American way of life. Things such as the Jukebox and television. As the term “Roaring 20’s” is used to state the mass amount of defiance and change during the 20’s, and that is all made possible by the Jukebox,…

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  • Section 20-109

    spousal support. Section 20-109(A) of the Virginia Code states that one of those ways is to show that, based upon clear and convincing evidence, the spouse receiving support has been habitually cohabiting with another person in a relationship analogous to a marriage for one year or more. Given that gay marriage is now legal in Virginia, you might think that “cohabitating with another person in a relationship analogous to a marriage” applies to opposite-sex and same-sex couples alike. Not…

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  • Sonnet 20 Essay

    to in this class, poetry comes in many different forms, and with many different purposes. In defense of its value and worth Sir Phillip Sydney wrote his unequalled essay “In Defense of Poesy” in attempt to end the debate over the moralistic and virtuous ends of poetry. Sydney explains that poetry is an “art of imitation” and serves as a vehicle for knowledge and beauty with ends “to teach and delight” (1051). Sidney’s words may have defended mainstream renaissance poetry and limited other…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Cabin Inside Six Flags

    The Cabin Inside Six Flags "Kalie. Kalie. Kalie." I said, hitting the pillow on my best friends head. She rolled over and looked at me with a hateful expression. Her blue eyes were clouded with tiredness. "What?" She asked hoarsely, her voice cracking at the end. "Let's go. You promised we were going to go down to six flags tonight." I said, pulling her cold hand out of the bed. "Okay, okay. Let me get changed first." Kalie said groggily walking to the bathroom. After waiting for half an hour,…

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